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Iraqi Tribes Vs. MKO

A number of MKO members’ families met a group of Iraqi tribes’ leaders and asked them to help the expulsion of the MKO from that country.

In the meeting, held in Hotel Pars in Shirza, one of the leaders (of Iraqi tribes) said: "Although we were not informed of many issues about this group, we always opposed to their presence in Iraq."

"All Iraqi tribes want this group expelled from Iraq but now the Americans control this group and we have intervention in the issue," Vahab Abd Khashi Al-Salam added.

"We, Iraqi tribes, follow the religious authority and we would do whatever this authority orders."

He pointed to the religious commonalities of the two countries and said: "Iran and Iraq share the love toward Imam Hussein and nothing can create split between the two countries."

Another tribe leader said: "we would do our best in the new government to expel this group from Iraq.

"we, leaders of Iraqi tribes, asked the national assembly of Iraq to expel this group from Iraq because we have suffered a lot from them," said Abdulkarim Abdulhussein Al-Tabatabyee.

"When Saddam was in power, no MKO member entered the shiite-dominated southern Iraq because they didn’t feel safe there."

In the meeting, the sister of a MKO member said: "we ask you to help us meet our loved ones again and ask you to expel them from your country."

"Our relatives are not allowed to leave Iraq and they don’t let us meet them while Islamic Republic has issued public pardon for them."

She cried and added: "we ask you, as our religious brothers, to help us since we can’t ask American, British or Israeli forces."

The meeting was held by Anjoman Nejat (Salvation Association) in Fars Province.

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