The statement of Iraqi tribes’ leaders and Nejat Society

The statement of Iraqi tribes’ leaders and Nejat Society on MKO’s expulsion from Iraq

After two decades of usurping presence of terrorist MKO in Iraq territory , along with Saddam Hussein ‘s monarchist aims in the region and considering their  treason  to both friend countries  Iran and Iraq- as Saddam’s mercenaries and regarding to their activities including :

      Participation in "Morvarid" [pear] operation to suppress Kurds’ uprising in Iraq in which hundreds of Iraqi civilians were killed or injured by mortal squads of MKO.

      Supporting the oppression of shiits’ uprising by Saddam’s evil regime while the first Gulf War and assisting the regime via providing it with information .

      Committing aggression to Islamic Republic of Iran borders via Iraq territory in various operations such as "Aftab" [sun] from Mehran’s boundary and "Forough" [light] from Qasr Shirin boundry and many other operations done in order to act terrorist activities under the straight supervision of Saddam and Baa’th army.

      Training terror groups in their unlawful camps in Iraq which was led to foreign countries intervention in Iraqi people’s fate, under the cover of fighting on terrorism.

Besides we must consider the plunder of Iraq capital ,MKO’s conspiracy with Iraq Mukhabirat officials shown in available films in order to abuse Iraqis’ rights in Oil  Food project and waste it to suppress Iraqi meek people.

Now that, there are some facilities to return MKO’s  followers to Iran including public amnesty and freely presence of more than five hundred of returnees, those gathered here, on behalf of Iraqi people demand the democratic government of Iraq and all humane international societies to make some facilities in order to expel the MKO from Iraq.

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