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Habilian Secretary General meets Iraqi Tribes leaders

Last day numbers of Iraqi tribes leaders met Habilian Secretary General and again supported Iraqi government’s decision on expulsion of MKO and also declared their backing of Iran and Iraq’s terror victim’s families.

In this conference tribes leaders, representing all Iraqi people and tribes, were willing to soon expulsion of MKO from their country.

Sheikh Yassin Sarhan, Sheikh Hami Sharhan Aliavi, Sheikh Jaber Karim Al- Ebad, Sheik Fahad Mankhour, Sheikh Sabih Al- Mousavi, Sheikh Haj Karim Hussein Taher and tens of other Tribes sheikhs refused any tribes’ support of MKO and asked Iraqi government to MKO expulsion.

In this intimate conference, at first Mr. Hasheminejad welcomed and reminded them of religious and cultural ties of two nations and also pointed to MKO’s crimes history in Iran.

“You called them Munafeqin correctly; our people also call them like this because of their betrayals and criminal backgrounds. This terrorist organization just can continue in critical conditions. They declared war against our nation in 26 years ago and killed many people in all positions. We have 16000 terror victims. We collected a statistics that Munafeqin has accepted it. Although both of nations are opposition this group is in Iraq. I have heard opinions of Iraqi officials; they are determined to expel MKO but just The US administration has blocked efforts for expulsion of them from the Iraqi soil.

But in fact the US has made a terrorist triangle in Iraq that one of its angles is MKO. If there are stability and peace in Iraq, America and terrorist groups will have to leave there.

What happen in Iraq make a great duty for all Muslims. In last years America formed terrorist groups, which performed terrorist operations against US. America attacked your country because of its impunity from their hurt and its goal wasn’t falling Saddam regime. At first they would say US will leave Iraq after some months. They didn’t have come for democracy they just want pressure Iran government and the best reason for their presence is terrorist group and the best way is disunite religions, which is happening by Munafeqin and Al-Qaeda” Hasheminejad said.

My Iraqi brothers:

If there is no disunion, Islam can grow up. Imperialists want to disunite but we should be careful. This is America’s untruth that Iran interferes in Iraq’s affairs. The US doesn’t want that Iran and Iraq have a right relation such as recent relation and just want these two countries be enemy with each other and it performs this by terrorists. Look at MKO’s opinions, does it mean other things except war, disunion and massacre?

Today tribes’ leaders have important duty and should be careful on enemies’ traps. You know that any country can’t enter into another country with war and bring there peace and freedom. Americans must learn civilization and peaceful coexistence from Iraqi nation. Though they didn’t come for democracy and their presses also have said that this war is the oil war.

After the speech all tribes’ sheikhs affirmed it and declared that the only way to return security to Iraq is expulsion of occupations, terrorists and unit among people.

Sheikh Hami Sharhan Aliavi appreciated because of this opportunity and announced that Iraq and Iran are two great nations in this region and their union can change the region.

“We hope that one day border between us and you become friend border and terrorist group such as MKO be removed and basically there would be no border” he added.

“We are informed on what you said. You spoke about Munafeqin and we can analyze political issues. This organization is opposition with Iraqi government and in their operation during Saddam regime a lot of people were killed more than who were killed by Saddam. Our stance is according to Maleki’s stance. Al Qaeda also has been formed to killing Iraq and Afghanistan’s people. I declare to my brother Hasheminejad that terrorists will not be able change the Iraq to their nest” Sheikh Yassin Sarhan said.

“MKO has killed many people in our and your country. Tribes were very effective in Iraq’s scene and what they decide it will happen. We support Iraqi government strongly”, Sheikh Fahad Mankhour said.

“We are so glad that are in Iran. We are feeling peace that there is a religious relation between two countries and know Iran as a strong Islamic country” Sheikh Hami Sharhan Aliavi said.

Sheikh Al-Haj Karim Hussein Taher also added: “the relation between you and us is stable and constant and who are waiting to disunite, they hope on illusion”.

“What the great Sheiks said is correct. We are suffering from occupations’ presence in Iraq and ask statesmen to expel them. If they leave our country, union will come and we all are willing their expulsion” Sheikh Jabar Karim Al Ebad.

“I appreciate you and now declare our stances and also agree with your anti-imperialism stance. Iraqi nation (whether Sunni or Shiite) accepted MKO as a terrorist organization and also they were formed in Iraq just for killing Shiites” Sheikh Sabih Al Mousavi said.

At the end of this conference, which took 2 hours, some films of MKO’s crimes in Iran and Iraq have been shown and also

some Arabic brochures were presented to tribes’ Sheikhs.

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