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Iraqi tribes’ leaders emphasized on MKO’s expulsion.

MKO members’ families met some Iraqi tribes’ leaders and asked them to help the expulsion of MKO from their country. In the meeting, held in Shiraz, Mr.Mohammad Bagher Momen Zade , the secretary of Shiraz branch of Nejat Society while analyzing MKO’s current situation, applied their expulsion by Iraq government . Then the mother and sister of two MKO members captured in Iraq, said:"3 years ago, the two teenagers, Mohammad Reza and Ahmad Reza Iranpour, were deceived by the MKO in Turkey and then they were transferred to Iraq." They added that last year, while the serious situation in Baqdad, they went to Iraq to meet their loved ones but they couldn’t get the permission to meet them and they were treated badly, they confirmed that Mujahedin have taken their sons as hostages .

Mr.Qasemi, who had passed 15 years in Ashraf Camp, and has escaped from there, explained the MKO’s crimes for Iraqi tribes’ leaders.

Mr. Mohammad Dashtestani, whose sun was prisoned by MKO while Iran-Iraq war, requested the liberation of his son.

Mr Momen Zade, assured the leaders of Iraqi Tribes that there is no problem for the members who return to Iran and they enjoy the amnesty and can live in Iran freely.

”40 persons of Iraqi tribes’ leaders who are members of National Assembly of Iraq, have applied the expulsion of Mujahedin Khalq.” Sheikh Mohsen Qoreishi, one of the leaders of Iraqi tribes, addressed.

"we ask the deputies of National Assembly to return the Iranian captured in MKO to Iran, since Iran and Iraq are friends.” He added.

 "All Iraqi tribes want this group expelled from Iraq but now the Americans control the group" Sheikh vahab Abdolkhashi Al- Sallam said. 

He also promised the families that he will reflect their request to Iraqi authorities and will cooperate with them.

At the end a statement was read that was included the confirmation on terrorist activities of MKO against Kurds and their abuse of Oil-food account and the application of all international societies to help the families and cooperate to expel MKO from Iraq. 

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