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MKO Leaders Must be Tried

Iraqi newspaper "Al-Jomhooriah", reflecting the opposition of Iraqi people and media to the presence of terrorist group of Mojahedin-e khalq in Iraq, asked for the trail of the leaders of this group.

"We ask the Iraqi government to bring the leaders of this group to the court of anti-human crimes and try them (as Baath leaders) before the Iraqi people," Al-Jomhooriah wrote on Sunday.

"Iraqi people are waiting for the trial of the leaders of this group in court of justice so that their real nature and face and their ties to Saddam’s regime are revealed."

Stressing the need to expel the elements of the MKO from Iraq, Al-Jomhooriah wrote: "Iraqi government and leaders must take necessary measures to root out remnants of Baath regime, including the Mojahedin-e khalq."

According to this newspaper, after Mr. Jafari’s visit to Iran, Iraq entered a new phase of its history and since the MKO was the agent of former regime, Iraqis want to get rid of it.

"This group found Saddam’s regime a safe haven for expanding terrorism and assisted Baath regime in massacring Iraqi people."

There were also other articles about the MKO in other Iraqi newspapers.

Al-Menar Al-Yaum newspaper has discussed the issue of the MKO in a series of articles, stressing the need for their immediate exit from Iraq.

"The US agrees to consider the MKO a terrorist organization" and "Terrorism and its causes are of Iraqi constitution’s priorities" were the titles of articles published in this newspaper on Saturday and Sunday.

Last week also, on Thursday, Al-Menar Al-Yaum wrote: "Iraqis won’t be influenced by the lies of MKO".

"Despite its so-called nationalist slogans during 1960s, the MKO cooperated with Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran so that former regime considered this group as one of its military units in the war against Iran," the paper wrote.

Al-Menar Al-Yaum stressed: "This terrorist group, which has acted against the people of its country, is very wretched for the Iraqis."

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