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Alen Cheuvalrias interviewed Banisadr- (Part two)

        You mean relation with Iraq had been started a short time before the divorce.

        Not at all, their relation was much older. Every thing had begun in the early 1983. And this was the reason of our separation in January, I received a call from Edgard Pisani, one of the former and popular ministers of General de Gole. He had asked me :”do you agree with a meeting with Mr Tariq Aziz?” Tariq Aziz was Saddam’s minister. How did you want me accept that. I considered myself as a victim of Iraq. As the former president of Iran, how could I accept to meet a member of the aggressive country?

        Therefore you refused …

        Of course. But, an hour later, Rajavi came to me and told me:”I accepted to meet Tariq Aziz.” I reproached him, since he had made this decision without consulting me.

        What happened during the meeting?

        As, it was expected, the meeting took three hours, rather than an hour. Tariq Aziz bought Rajavi.

        Wasn’t the victim satisfied?

        Maybe. But, unfortunately Rajavi didn’t realize that, one can not go to Tehran via Baqdad and then control Iran. No Iranian could tolerate it .

        On February 8th , 1985, a while after your daughter’s divorce from Rajavi, he married Maryam Rajavi and immediately called her ” the leader” of Mujahedin Khalq too. Now who commands the Mujahedin? Masud or Maryam?

        Masud, definitely. He is the leader and Maryam the commander-in-chief. They’re a political couple just like “Mao Tse-Tang” and “Chou En- Lia”. He told that Ayatollah Khomeini has divested him of a power that was legally his. He considered himself as Imam. Perhaps, that very “Imam Zaman”. According to our religious laws, “Imam Zaman” or our twelfth Imam who became absent in 873, should return before the ending of the world to bring peace to the world.

        How can the MEK members, the Marxists, in spite of all these things, accept his believes?

        They live, separated from the rest of the world. They don’t have the right to say a word except Rajavi’s thoughts. It seems they live in a cult. For me, Mujahedin are nothing but a cult… 

        What’s your idea about military activities of MEK?

        In my idea, violence against violence, there’s no other solution in Iran. To oppose this regime, you should neutralize its forces politically. A national awakness has been appeared, regarding to that the violence is useless. Rajavi and I, in “ouver Sur d’Oise , have decided to limit using military forces when defending ourselves and never start violence ourselves, but, he came to me one day, with a new slogan. He affirmed “Armed struggle is the only solution to put an end to regime. He insisted that I also imitate him and support his idea in my journal which was being published in exile, called “Islamic Revolution”. Besides attacking the enemy in his own base was not useful. Since Qoran says:”Qateloo Aemato lkofr”; “attack the chiefs of the infidels”. If you want to achieve victory with armed forces, you should kill some Iranians for they want Khomeini. It’s a vain dream. This very point, was always the disagreement point between me and Rajavi.

        In Iran I got some testimonies which are based on some attacks to civilians. The victims and the witnesses accuse Mujahedin Khalq for this attempt. Is it creditable?

        I doubt about that, since its not profitable for them. I know that some other groups acted in the same way, such as the ones who worked for Iran government including Javadi…

(I understand that BaniSadr means, Javad Mansouri, former chief of Sepah Pasdaran, who I met in Tehran)

– Javadi and his friends in order to justify their pressure on Mujahedin and execute them, committed violent and cruel attacks on Mujahedin’s account. And Rajavi, in his turn, accepted the charge of these attacks to attach importance to himself. 

        I also considered testimonies on their motor attacks in the center of cities.

        Yes, they happened in Mr. Khomeini’s era. Rajavi got the responsibility and he might be responsible.  

        However, the bombing in Islamic Republic Party in which 72 persons were killed including Ayatollah Behashti and 10 governmental individuals and 20 deputies, also happened.

        Mujahedin had no role in this attempt. The following day, I asked them and they admitted that they’re innocent.

        However, they accepted the responsibility.

        I asked Iran second office (Army Information) about it. They told me:” this attempt was an engineering action. The explosives were placed in an exact way so that the ceiling falls dawn and kills everybody. Nobody is able to operate such attack except the  army and if it’s not our faults, it’s the Pasdaran’s …”

 (My nerves started to walk , since while that attempt he was deposed from his responsibility and as a fleeing person , I think his Iranian information service got him the information badly. More than any other thing, I could feel his uncomfortable situation.

My attention draw to the former president’s hands which were hitting the hands of the sofa. It was his dinner time.)

        In Iran , with the agreement of the officials, I met some separated MEK. Most of them were free. They had enjoyed the Public Amnesty law. What do you think of the accuracy of their discourses?

        It’s the regime’s regulation. All Mujahedin members are condemned to death. Otherwise, they accepted to cooperate with regime. You shouldn’t   trust on such people.

        But, even if I don’t trust, I have to accept that their words was confirmed by the other refugees who live in Germany or other parts of  Europe.

        I know some sincere ones among them, however you should investigate.

        I agree. For this reason, I’m looking for the most number of activists and witnesses to compare their words. In this case, Mujahedin members don’t help me so much. They don’t like the journalists who are too curious to know about them.

        No. I know. Once a reporter interviewed them , after the interviews, they understood that one of them has talked too much. So they wanted to get back the reported cassettes of the interviews. 

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