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Laur de Charette Interviewed Mr. Ali Moradi

“We even didn’t have the courage to think any more”

Ali Moradi, an Iranian aged 47, the ex-member of PMOI for 15 years, explains his tragic experiences.

Laure de Charette: How did you join the organization?

Ali Moradi: I spent nine years in Saddam Hussein’s prison. You can’t imagine how they treated me. I was captured as a war prisoner while I was fighting in Iran army. Mojahedin had a TV network which was broadcasted in prison. All day long they just said:”join us then we will send you to Europe in two years.”

The war was finished but I was still in prison. Therefore I delivered my self to MKO finally. Due to the terrible situation of the prison I joined MKO avidly.

– So you became an organization’s member heartily?

– Yes, but as soon as I arrived Camp Ashraf, I understood that their propaganda was nothing except pure lie.

They had the freedom flag in their hand but they revolted against freedom. They themselves violated the human rights. They said:”outside our camp the people are starving from hunger or addiction. The people are hung and their heads are hung of the trees”.

Any one who tried to escape the organization was delivered to Abu Qoraib in case of being arrested. The life there was evil.

– What was your routine program there?

-We were practicing physical training from 5 pm to 10 am; they scheduled every moment of our lives without consulting us. We were either receiving military training or operating recognition operation or patrolling in Iranian borders. The works were so superior to our power that we had no energy to even think about any thing.Now I am resorting to studying in order to forget that period. 

– How was your relationship with other Mojahedins?

– We were allegedly friends but we even weren’t allowed to talk to each other. The report of our behavior was sent to our high ranking officials immediately, the system of the organization was very police-like.

-why did you wait 15 years for evasion?

– The visit I had with my family changed everything. After the fall of Saddam Hussein my brothers could come to Iraq to visit me. They brought me some pictures and gifts and told me that life outside is very different from here.  My spirit evaluated gradually. The US forces encircled Camp Ashraf last year, so I used the opportunity and escaped. 

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