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Report of Germany’s Security Service on MKO

 Preliminary 2006 report of "Protection of Constitution of Germany’s office" (Verfassungsschutz) on the MKO After it was determined that Iranian soccer team would take part in Germany’s 2006 world cup, there were reports on the possibility of NCRI’s sabotages during Iran’s matches in Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Leipzig.  In this regard, Awaa Association in Köln, comprising of former MKO members who have admittedly quit the organization fully, warned in its website about possible terrorist attacks including self-immolations during world cup by MKO supporters. In response, Justice Association tied to NCRI in Köln claimed that the Iranian regime is bringing suicide volunteers to Germany by the assistance of Awaa association. The sensitivity of the accusations by two sides rose when it was announced that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would come to Germany to watch the games. In this regard, NCRI representatives in Germany declared that they would hold street demonstrations to protest to the issue. Now, it has been determined that NCRI’s planned demonstrations were not held in and out of stadiums due to the early departure of Iranian team, the system of selling tickets, absence of Ahmadinejad and particularly the vigilance of security systems of Germany. Only 30 to 70 took part in small demonstrations in Köln. These demonstrations were focused on Iranian nuclear issue and human rights violations. These demonstrations are determined to be of low influence. Iran Ghalam – 2007/01/11

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