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Danger of Mujahedin-e Khalq for Germany

Open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz

Maryam Rajavi

Dear Mr Olaf Scholz,

First of all, congratulations on your victory in the October elections and the leadership of the Coalition for the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Free Democrats, and your approval as Chancellor by the Bundestag on December 8.
Like many German citizens and other immigrants, I participated in the recent German elections in October. The result of the election in Germany was a strange event. Ms Angela Merkel, led by Conservative parties such as the Christian Democrats and the Christian Social Democrats, lost the majority of the vote and, after sixteen years, lost the game to the coalition parties known as the traffic lights.
The victory of the above parties and with a large number of votes among the lower classes and immigrants, undoubtedly holds a message, and these groups have demands from you and the coalition parties that you, as the representative and Chancellor of Germany, must respect.
Your 178-page alliance agreement was raised and heard in the community. Although these are few, they are still a delight to the lower German citizens. As one of the citizens who wanted to write the first letter to your service, I would like to acknowledge and warn of a serious loss and problem in German society.

Dear Mr Olaf Scholz,
First of all, I must admit that I have lived in Germany for almost three decades and enjoyed the blessings of life and freedom like other citizens, and I am extremely grateful for that. But as a citizen, I wanted to warn you and your new government of things that other citizens are not aware of. That is, a security issue related to terrorism, which has been rampant in European countries for many years and has grown significantly in recent years, and due to its performance, has taken a lot of energy from governments and citizens.
The Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), of which I was a former member and now a critic and protester, was on the EU terrorist list until 2009. This group has been living in Europe for about four decades and one of the most important bases of their activities and travels is Germany. The group, led by Massoud Rajavi, who is now living a secret life, and his wife and representative, Maryam Rajavi, are leading the terrorist movement. They spent more than three decades on Iraqi soil, and during the war between Iran and Iraq, they were in full service of the dictator Saddam Hussein, but at the same time hid behind a political front, while many of their tools and facilities were supplied from European countries especially in France.

The group, which is a sect in organization and lives a collective life, apart from its terrorist and war activities in Iran and Iraq – which killed tens of thousands – and participation in most of the suppressive activities of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, has also been active in European countries in committing terrorist activities and human rights violations, some of which I will briefly describe.

In early 1991, the Iraqi-based Mujahedin-e Khalq (aka PMOI) sent about 900 child members to other Western countries via Jordan under the pretext of war, including about 200 children in Germany and Cologne. The MEK, subjected these children to all kinds of abuse by their parents and supervisors, and even spent the welfare allowances due to them on war and terrorism. The MEK raised them in safe houses and gave them training in terrorism. Far from the eyes of the law, a number of them who were under the legal age were transferred from Germany to Iraq to join the military and some of them were killed.

The MEK also celebrated the news on 11 September 2001, when al-Qaeda forces attacked the twin towers in New York in a suicide mission which killed 3,000 civilians. Rajavi told his forces that if this is what reactionary Islam, by which he meant the terrorist group al-Qaeda, can do, woe be the day when revolutionary Islam, by which he meant the MEK, takes action.

It was not long before Saddam Hussein was defeated by allied forces in Iraq, and one of the leaders of the Mujahedin, Maryam Rajavi (nee Qajar Azodanlu), who had clandestinely arrived in France in spite of committing all kinds of criminal and terrorist activities, was arrested in Auvers-sur-Oise on June 17, 2003 on terrorism and money laundering charges and, instead of respecting democracy and the rule of law, ordered the self-immolation of dozens of MEK members on European soil, causing two deaths, several severe injuries and panic for the people of Europe.

In addition, the Mujahedin-e Khalq leadership, which faced criticism and rejection by Iranian and European citizens for its destructive policies, issued death sentences against disgruntled members, some of whom are now German citizens, and handed implementation of these over to its remaining forces. Rajavi issued a fatwa condemning his critics to death and told the members to report the execution of these critics to the police after their deaths because European prisons are like four-star hotels, so not worry about it. Although the group has lived in Western countries for many years and has exploited all the material and spiritual resources available to it, it still strongly believes in the strategy of violence and has never rejected the use of terror and violence, not only in Iran and Iraq but now in Europe as well.

Mr Scholz,
The above is a sample of the facts. But this brief letter does not address other crimes and human rights violations related to this terrorist movement. The people of Iran and Germany have had cultural relations for more than five centuries. Now that you are determined in your future plans for your government to put human rights at the forefront of your humanitarian actions outside the borders of Germany and to put pressure on other countries in this regard through the Green Party Minister, Annalena Baerbock, I suggest that such leverage is not bad to implement human rights for those living in Germany in connection with terrorist groups and human rights violators.

Dear Mr Scholz,
In connection with the danger posed by the above-mentioned group, which only a few years ago praised the ISIL forces as “revolutionary tribes” and which is accused of collaborating with ISIL behind the scenes, you can also ask the defectors and those from the lower ranks of this movement whether their years of captivity, forced labour, imprisonment, torture and other human, financial and psychological damage, have brought them to the free world. A number of critics and former members of the MEK are now German citizens but are constantly threatened, slandered and intimidated by the Mujahedin.

Wishing you greater strength to reform the old structures for the benefit of the underprivileged and immigrants, I congratulate you again on your victory and wish for you and the German people good health and prosperity. Be successful and victorious.

Mehdi Khoshhal, Germany

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