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Do not condone Mojahedin Khalq’s forced divorces

Do not condone Mojahedin Khalq’s forced divorces and separation of Children
Open letter of Mrs. Soltani to Mrs. Rita Sussmuth Chairman of the Advisory Council on Mrs. Soltani, MKO former memberImmigration and Integration,2002-2004 In Germany

¨In the mujahedin’s cult all the women and men are separated from each other and they must get divorce from their spouses. ¨

Honorable Mrs. Rita Sussmuth the former chairman of the German Assembly

with greetings and respect ,

I , Batul Soltani , am a political activist and critic and the former member of the mujahedin’s leadership council who had been in this organization for twenty years and I could escape from this organization in December, 2006.

Recently , I found out that you had been invited by this organization for the annual gathering of this organization in Villepint. I listened to your speech in that gathering and I am terribly sorry that such organization is still trying its best to deceive the public-opinion and the prominent political-figures.

This organization holds such gatherings and meetings through spending huge amount of money which has been gained and inherited through Saddam Hussein and looting of the Iraqi people .

This organization advertises a lot about itself but the truth is that its deeds are completely in contradiction with its slogans . this organization even does not give any freedom to its own members , then how can it claim the democracy and freedom for the people?

The leaders of this organization , Massoud and Maryam Rajavi ,have perpetrated many crimes during their twenty five years of stay in Iraq , now through holding such gatherings and deceiving people and bringing the afghans and the uninformed people to these gatherings , they want to claim and pretend that they are the real Iranian opposition group .

Is the people’s mujahedin organization counted as an opposition group for Iran?

If they are as an opposition , so why do the Iranian people know them as traitor, betrayer, and count them as the mercenaries of Saddam Hussein and other foreigners ?

The truth is that the people’s mujahedin organization does not have any place in Iran’s society whatsoever and nobody likes them . they had perpetrated many blind acts of terrorism inside Iran and they had detonated many bombs and explosives in places where the ordinary people were living and working there so , many innocent people had been killed .

They had participated in the Iraq-war against Iranian people and they planned and organized the assassination of top Iranian officials . In 2003, during the arrest and imprisonment of Maryam Rajavi in France they organized the self-immolations and persuaded and encouraged their members to set themselves on fire for the release of Maryam Rajavi. This organization is a symbol of the violence and terrorism and it can not represent the freedom for the Iranian people.

The following issues are the mujahedin’s leadership orders which is the overt and clear strangulation and the breach and violation of human rights inside the mujahedin’s relations :

*The veil in this organization is compulsory and obligatory.

*The women and the men are separated from each other and they must get divorce from their spouses by the direct order of the cult leadership .

*Any connection facility with the free-world like the internet and mobile is completely forbidden for the members and as a result of that , the members have been living in a closed environment .

*The members must confess to their sins daily and they must talk about everything which comes to their minds and they should wait for the punishment and suppression and insult for their thoughts in the gatherings comprise of the other members and the cult operatives . the medieval cultic methods which this organization utilizes is infra-humane.

*This organization destroy and ruin the prestige and the personality of its critics through framing , bedevilment and file-building against them and through labeling their critics as the Iranian intelligence service agents , because these critics reveal and disclose the real essence and content of this organization . This organization even inside its relations has issued the execution and killing of its critics . This organization even attacks and physically assaults its critics in European countries and it shows that they have not abdicate from the medieval methods of violence and suppression.

I would like to have a meeting with you to inform and clarify you more about the real content of this organization .

Batul Soltani, Iran Ghalam,

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