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Masood Rajavi removes from head of the MeK

It was 9 years ago that Masood Rajavi appeared in the public for the last time. Since then, a great effort has done to keep him hidden. During these years, protection from his whereabouts and protecting its information has been the red line of the MeK’s gang leaders.

In this critical period for the MeK, other persons have come to the sense as representatives and spokesmen of the terrorist group and have taken part in negotiations with representatives of America, Iraq and the UN. Specifically, Maryam Rajavi has been introduced in the media as leader and the main administrator of the group. Especially the international independent media through the past years have not cited Masood Rajavi.

Efforts to keep fleeing Masood Rajavi and keeping him hidden, with the pretext of physical protection of him, now are the main mission of the Mek leadership. It is notable that Rajavi’s concealment initially was conducted in coordination with U.S. forces and Pentagon helped the MeK in this matter.

The fact is that Masood Rajavi has fled because of being at the head of a terrorist organization, being responsible for hundreds of terrorist operations, collaboration with Saddam, establishing of the international criminal network, and dozens of other illegal actions. So, due to the terrorist records and a history of treachery and crime, Rajavi does not have legitimacy to represent a political group.

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