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Rajavi committed genocide by compulsory divorces

Mr. Karim A. A. Khan QC
The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Greetings and Regards,
I am Sirus Ghazanfari, one of the 42 former members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult), who has filed a lawsuit against the leaders of this organization in the Iranian courts, and we have received a final verdict, all the documents of which have been handed over to you for further examination.
In the indictment of the leaders of the MEK, on several pages, they have been convicted of systematic and widespread violations of human rights, including genocide, torture, solitary confinement, forced labor, and hundreds of other cases.

Sirus Ghazanfari

I hereby announce a part of what happened to me in the MEK. I was a soldier in the Iran-Iraq war. I was captured in an operation and I was in the third camp of POWs in Mosul, Iraq. We, who were captives and under severe pressure, joined this group to get rid of captivity with the promises and deceptions of the MEK to experience even higher captivity.
During my 17 years of membership in the MEK, I was deprived of the minimum human rights and freedom of action.

Using cultic mind control methods, the MEK seized the souls and bodies of all members, brainwashed them, used them for its own purposes, and killed them. In this organization, in fact, all emotions and even natural human instincts were taken away from all members.

Massoud Rajavi, whose thoughts are derived from reactionary ideology, in order to seize all the women present in this cult, ordered the trick of the internal ideological revolution so that all women would be married to him.
In addition to hardships such as solitary confinement, mental and physical torture, severe forced labor, and severe bodily harms that suffered myself, I witnessed the tragedies that befell married and single men and women in the MEK.

Massoud Rajavi practically and intentionally committed genocide by compulsory divorces, separating children from their parents and selling them in Europe, causing genocide, which must be held accountable in the International Court of Justice for all its betrayals and crimes.
Rajavi denied me my human rights and ruined my life by violating the moral principles that I should have.

Thanks & Regards
Sirus Ghazanfari – Tabriz
East Azerbaijan Province – Iran

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