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To my beloved brother jailed in the MEK

The family of Mohammad Jaafar Najafi have not seen him since he was recruited by the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK). They have not stopped writing letters and sending messages to him although he is not permitted by the group leaders to receive the messages.

Mohammad Jaafar was a soldier in Iran-Iraq war when he was taken as a war prisoner by Iraqi forces, in 1988. He was then recruited by agents of the MEK in the Iraqi jail. Since then, his family were not allowed to visit him.
His mother, Sedigh Najafi has traveled to Iraq several times in order to meet her son in the group’s Camp Ashraf when it was located in Iraq but she was barred from entering the camp. Since the group was relocated in Albaian, she has written several open letters to her son in the hope that Mohammad Jaafar would be given a chance to read them.

Mohammad Jafar Najafi mother

Mohammad Jafar Najafi mother in front of Camp Ashraf Gates in Iraq

Mahammad Jaafar’s siblings, his brother Ali and his sister Mahin, also write letters and send video messages to Nejat Society in order to call for the release of their loved brother, from time to time.
“We have not had any access to my brother for near 30 years,” Ali Najafi said in the online conference of Nejat Society, last August. “I hope, god willing, we can help our brother get released from the MEK prison.”
In their recent letter published on Nejat website, Ali and Mahin once more expressed their grief for the years of separation from Mohammad Jaafar. “We are your family,” they addressed Mohammad Jafar. “We miss you and we feel pity for you. Release yourself! We want you free. The way you are in is a cul-de-sac. End your stay in that isolated cult. We will welcome you warmly.”

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