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Message from a daughter to her beloved father in the MEK

Samira was only one and a half year old when her father left her and her mother behind to join the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK). She has not seen her father since then. Samira is 42 years old; she is married and she has two children who have no idea about their grandfather.

“When my father married my mother, he was both a teacher and a farmer,” Samira said. “I was one and a half years old when he left Iran to join the MEK. As far as my father was in France, he used to call my grandmother once a year but since he went to Iraq, we have had no access to him.”

Samira Shahsavar; daughter of Ismaeil Shahsavar

Samira Shahsavar and her chidlren

Esmail Shahsavar, 69, from northern Iran, Golestan province, is still a member of the MEK. In better words, he is a hostage of the MEK who has been kept behind the bars of the Cult of Rajavi for forty years. He is residing in the group’s Camp Ashraf 3 in Albania, now. He has not been allowed to contact his family during these long years of separation.

When the group was located in Iraq, Ismail’s wife and his brother traveled to Iraq to visit him but they were not allowed by the group leaders to visit him. “My mother lives alone,” Samira told Nejat Society. “She has been expecting the return of my father in all these years. Her desire is the return of her husband.”

Samira has already published several messages to her beloved father in the hope that he will see them someday. This is a part of one of her messages to Esmail she sent two years ago:

“Dear father, I am your little Samira. I am 40 now and the mother of two children but I have never enjoyed the love of my father. What an ideology says that a father is not allowed to call his child? Dear father, I love you and I want you to get back to normal life, to enjoy life in free world.”

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