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Son of the MEK hostage seeks for help from the Albania gov.

Farhad Rabiei

Farhad was two years old when his father went to Iran-Iraq war. This was the beginning of a prolonged separation. He was sixteen when he heard his father’s voice on the phone, for the first time. He called from Germany, his voice sounded terrified and he thought that Farhad was living in a devastated Iran in which there were no schools. His father did not believe Farhad telling him that he was in grade one in high school.
The short phone call, at least, let Farhad and his family know that his father was alive. Barat, Farhad’s father was taken as a war prisoner by the forces of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization . As Barat later told his mother in a shadowy visit in Turkey he had been intimidated to stay in the MEK. The mother (Farhad’s grandmother) gave a photo of Farhad to his father. since then they have had no contact.

Today, in the fourth decade of his life, Farhad is still looking forward to the release of his father from the Mujahedin Khalq.

He asks the Albanian authorities to facilitate their travel to Albania and help him meet his father even for a few hours.

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