Why are the Iranian Mojahedeen keeping Somayeh Mohamadi as hostage in Albania?

Mustafa Mohammadi and Mahbube Mohammadi are in Albania. They demand that the Albanian government allow them to meet their daughter, Somaye Mohammadi, who has been kidnapped by the terrorist organization of the Mujahideen of Iran since she was 15 years old. The Iranian Mujahideen, who are sheltered in Albania by the Albanian government and the Americans, refuse to allow Mustafa and Mahbube to meet their daughter. They have taken Somaye since she was 15, and she did high school at the Toronto Collegiate Institute. Once radicalized, the jihadists left school, without marrying, without family, and held them as suicide bombers in their base in Albania. They do not let Somaye to meet with her parents….

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                                                                                                            Part Two

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