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Radicalized Mojahedeen In Albania Use Government Prisons

Olsi Jazexhi talks to the Iranian commentator Parvin Zamany. They discuss the presence of Mojaheden el Halk #mojahedeen army in Albania and their control by #MaryamRajavi the head of #NCRI. They discuss the violent past of #MEK, its paramilitary organization in Albania, their blackmail and attack against media, journalism and democracy and the internal crisis of MEK.

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Many MEK members are abandoning jihad and want to live peaceful life. However MEK is using the Albanian government to prevent MEK soldiers from abandoning the jihad and being kept as radicals. Maryam Rajavi prevents its soldiers from watching movies, holding smart phones, communicating with their families, marrying, falling in love, having sex, having families etc. The process of indoctrination of MEK is similar to the tactics that DAESH / ISIS used to radicalize European Muslims and force them to join the jihad against Syria. Apart from radicalizing its slave soldiers MEK has been blackmailing the Albanian government to obey to its dictates. Albania has become a no-go-zone for Iranians. Prisons and detention centers in Albania have become prisons for Iranians refugees who want to smuggle themselves into Europe. Iranians who pass through Albania are kept in isolation or sent to jail since MEK sees any Iranian who comes to Albania as an Iranian agent and they push Albanian authorities to persecute the refugees. The only Iranians who can enter to Albania and do anything they want are the soldiers of Maryam Rajavi.

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