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Soraya Abdollahi speaks of young female hostages inside the MEK

I ask you to help me not only to rescue my son Emir Aslan but to rescue all hostages“said Soraya Abdollahi to the Albanian historian Dr. Olsi Jazexh,”I am the mother of all of them“.

As a mother who has been working for ten years in order to rescue her son from the bars of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization, Soraya was interviewed by Dr. Jazexhi. This is how he introduces Soraya on his You Tube account where he published the interview:

“Emir Aslan Hasanzadeh is an Iranian mojahedeen taken by MEK in 2002 (1381) when he was 21 years old. Now he is 38 years old. Not married. Kept in isolation as a jihadi by the Maryam Rajavi mojahedeen gang in Manza, Albania. His mother Sorayah wants to meet him. But Albanian authorities who obey to the Mojaheeden command do not allow her and hundreds of other Iranian mothers to come to Albania and see their sons.”

Soraya is an iconic symbol of mother love and as she says she is the representative of many mothers whose children are kept as hostages in the MEK camps. However, Soraya is called”the agent of the Iranian regime“by the MEK as well as Dr. Jazexhi is called by them.

Actually, any person outside the group’s camps who is willing to contact his loved one inside the camps is considered”the agent of IRI“by the MEK. Weeping tears, Soraya Abdollhi tells Dr. Jazexhi,”I promised all mothers of the MEK hostages to help them liberate their children“. She asks him and the authorities of Albania to aid them with the release of their sons and daughters imprisoned in the Cult of Rajavi.

Abdolahi recounts her experience of the several times that she picketed together with other families in front of Camp Ashraf, Iraq. She witnessed female members of the MEK gazing at them through the bars of the camp.”I saw them from a short distance,”Abdollahi talks about the young girls of the MEK.”They seemed so oppressed looking at me with too much regret like asking me to rescue them from behind those barbed wires.

She recalls two female defectors of the MEK Maryam Sanjabi and Zahra Mirbagheri as two typical examples of young girls who escaped from Camp Ashraf during those years.”A lot of other girls are still there taken as hostages such as Somayeh [Mohammadi]”, she adds.

Both sides of the interview are pretty sure that they will be accused of being the Iranian agents by the MEK but their claims about the oppressive ruling system of the MEK is nothing new. Luisa Hommerich of the Spiegel was also labeled as the Iranian agent because she reported that the MEK”subjected followers to psychological terror“. She interviewed certain defectors of the group including GholamReza Shekari.”They told us lies to ensure our obedience,”Shekari told Spiegel.

“We were guarded and forced to break off contact with our families.”

Suddaf Chaudry of the Middle East Eye then investigated the case of the MEK inside the Albanian territory. The report quoted a vocal defector of the group living in Albania, Hassan Heyrani, who criticizes the Albanian authorities for their ties with the MEK leaders in order to oppress current members and former members of the group. Hassan is also accused by the MEK of being the Iranian agent. However, he does not stop asking for his rights as a defector of the MEK.

“We just want a normal life, to get married and have a family,”He told the MEE.”We have no citizenship, no passports, no land rights. We came here on humanitarian grounds, but we are treated like criminals.”

The voice of Soraya Abdollahi and a large number of family members of the MEK hostages should be heard by the international bodies. They must take proper actions to convince Albanian government to support MEK members to lead a normal life with normal relationships.

Mazda Parsi

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