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Soraya Abdollahi pens letter to the Interior Minister of Albania

Soraya Abdollahi, mother of Amiraslan Hassan Zadeh who is hijacked by the MEK elements 21 years ago

Ms. Soraya Abdollahi wrote a letter to Bledi Çuçi, the text of which is as follows.

Honorable Minister of Interior of the Republic of Albania
Your Excellency, Mr. Bledi Çuçi
Greetings and respect

I am Soraya Abdollahi, the mother of Amir Aslan Hassanzadeh, who is a captive in the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) camp in Albania, and I am responsible for organizing the mothers of the Nejat Society in Iran. Mothers whose children, like my son, are trapped in the MEK camp and have nowhere to go. Mothers who are rightfully title as the “forgotten victims of the Rajavi Cult”.
I and other suffering mothers whose children are in Camp Ashraf 3 in Manëz, Albania against their will, have written many times to you and other authorities of your country and we are still waiting for the response and reaction from the honorable government.

According to media reports, the MEK has taken nearly 2,000 of our children hostage for decades and does not allow the families to meet, make phone calls, or even exchange letters. These people have been based in Albania for almost a decade now.

During the past years, Rajavi’s cult has brought many of our children into the cult through illegal channels and smuggling. Many of these people had gone to Turkey, the UAE, Pakistan and other countries in search of work and a better life. They were deceived by the promise of work and residence in European countries and were forcibly brought to Iraq and inside Camp Ashraf. After that, they were subjected to a complex process of brainwashing and they were not allowed to go out and communicate with the free world, especially their family.

Members of the MEK, based on cultic controls, have been denied permission to communicate with the free world, form a family and living, communicate with family and friends, study, have a job, and have personal life. They cannot leave the camp run by the cult commanders and contact us, and we expectant mothers and families wish to find out about their health and how they live.
Unfortunately, during the last four decades, many fathers and mothers have suffered a lot due to the separation and distance of their children or died without getting news of their loved ones.

According to the provisions and obligations that were communicated to them when they entered Albania, the MEK should reside in the country of Albania based on asylum laws and basic human rights and as refugees individually. But all members have been under the absolute control of the leaders of MEK who did not adhere to any of their commitments. The leadership of the MEK has practically imprisoned and held its members hostage and violates their basic human rights.

Considering the current situation where the main and law-abiding nature of the MEK has been clarified against the responsible action of the respected government of Albania in the direction of applying the law and national sovereignty, and considering the precarious situation of our loved ones in the MEK in Albania, we the painful families, for the sake of the captives, appeal you that first allow the Iranian families who can prove their relationship with the people stationed in the MEK camp to enter Albania, and secondly consider arrangements so that these elderly people can meet their loved ones.

Soraya Abdullahi
Representative of the mothers of Nejat Society

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