Female defector of the MEK under attack by female members

Batoul Soltani, female defector of the Mujahedin Khalq was attacked by four female members of the group when she arrived at Tirana airport, Albania. Soltani together with three other defectors of the MEK had been invited to Tirana by ASILA (the Association for the support of Iranians Living in Albania). ASILA was established by former members of the MEK to support those who leave the group’s Camp.

Batul Soltani and Afshin Kalantari both German citizen attacked and beaten by the MEK agents as soon as they arrived in Tirana International airport.

Batul Soltani
Batul Soltani

The two German citizens, Batool Soltani and Afshin Kalantari were being held at Tirana International Airport and not allowed to enter the Albanian territory. The Albanian border police declared that they cannot guarantee the security of these two defectors of the MEK against the threats of the group’s agents, according to ASILA members who were present at the airport.

Batoul Soltani who left the MEK’s Camp Ashraf in Iraq in December 2006 was the first female defector of the Cult of Rajavi who revealed Massoud Rajavi’s polygamy cult. She was one of the victims of Rajavi’s sex cult.
Her testimonies were then confirmed by other female defectors of Massoud Rajavi’s cult of personality although so many of them preferred to remain unknown for public. Iraj Mesdaghi, the MEK’s former member and one of its critics who also played a key role in Hamid Nouri’s arrest and his eventual trial in Sweden, confirmed Soltani’s revelations based on the testimonies of a number of other female defectors.

Iraj Mesdaghi
Iraj Mesdaghi

In an interview with Sahar Tavili, the Iranian-American journalist and researcher, in March 2021 Mesdaghi approves what Soltani exposed about nude dancing of female members of the MEK’s Elite Council in front of Massoud Rajavi before being selected to sleep with him.

Soltani seems to be one of the most hated defectors of the MEK cult. At least four of her ex-comrades named Fatemeh Kheradmand, Zakieh Hojati, Sedigheh Ebrahimzadeh and Nasrin Nowzari had been sent to the Airport to threaten her to death. “Pointing at me, they threatened me, ‘Get out of Tirana! Otherwise, we will kill you ourselves,” Soltani reports in a video that she published in social media.

Recounting Mesdaghi’s words about MEK’s female members seems to be significant here: “They are like zombies. They are under constant manipulation techniques. Before going to private meetings, they have to write love letters to Massoud Rajavi expressing their love for him. If they disobey, they go under severe peer pressure. They are verbally abused with the most horrific words.”

The MEK female members at the Tirana Airport to attack Batul Soltani
The MEK female members at the Tirana Airport to attack Batul Soltani

Soltani and Kalantari were kept at the airport under severe circumstances for at least 40 hours. They were finally deported to Germany. This indicates a strange process in the regulations of Albanian security system.
The Albanian historian, Olsi Jazexhi clarifies in his tweets: “Mujahedin command control over Rinas airport in Albania. Two mujahedin commanders Zakiyeh Hojati and Fatemeh Kheradmand break the law, enter in the transit zone and deport German, British and Austrian citizens who visit Albania. When you visit Rinas airport in Tirana, Albania you will see mujahedin commanders who check international visitors to Albania. If you look Iranian the vigilantes with police will deport you. A good Iranian is a dead Iranian for Maryam Rajavi.”

It is worth to know that the MEK labels Soltani and her companions, Iraj Mesdaghi and Olsi Jazexhi as agents of the Iranian government and so terrorists who want to attack the MEK camp! This is while the MEK agents simply attack these ex-members just because they defected the group and revealed its true nature.

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