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Treasonous Mojahedeen

Last week Massoud Rajavi’s minions outdid themselves by raising over a million dollars at an event in Dallas with the help of John Bolton and other Neocons. This is the latest chapter in a lengthy history of partnership between the Mojahedeen (MEK) and Iran’s enemies.
John Bolton was invited as replacement for Rudy Giuliani who abruptly cancelled just before the event. The MEK organizers did not announce the venue for the event, likely in fear of potential backlash by the local Iranian community.
Articles and videos replete with statements by Bolton and Giuliani on the need to bomb Iran are easily available online, also expressed with equal zeal by Rajavi’s cult. While Bolton and Giuliani call for bombing Iran and "crippling sanctions", the MEK do just the same, only replacing "Iran" with "Mullah’s regime." But alas, the target in both cases remains the same–the people of Iran.
The issue with the MEK is not a philosophical one. It is simple. What these Islamist Marxian terrorists have done throughout their existence can be summed up in one word: treason.
From licking the backside of Soviet Russia, to bending over for their "Imam" Khomeini, to doing "Brother Saddam’s" bidding, and now prostituting themselves to Israel and its Neocons–theirs has been a history of constant betrayal–betrayal the likes of which has no equivalent in modern Persian history.
More than one million was raised by a group with a blood soaked past with the help of the Neocons, another group with hands drenched in blood. The target: Iran. And yet, America’s Iranians have yet to bat an eye. John Bolton and Rajavi’s minions may eventually sow the destruction they seek, and if they do, none other is to blame but our silence.

By Kourosh Ighani

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