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Iranian students union thanks EU for keeping MKO on terror list

TEHRAN, Jan. 12 (MNA) — In a letter released on Saturday, Iran’s Union of Islamic Students Association (UISA) in Europe has thanked the European Union for its decision to keep the terrorist Mojahedin Kalq Organization (MKO) on the blacklist of terrorist organizations.

The letter, a copy of which provided to Mehr News Agency, is addressed to Francisco Javier Solana Madariaga, the European Union foreign policy chief, EU countries, and members of the European Parliament.

 The following is the text of the letter:

“We would like to convey our seasonal greetings on the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, a messenger much revered by both Christians and Muslims who is a propagator of peace and unity for both our Abrahamic religions. Furthermore we wish you all a great start to 2008 and a blessed year to come. We hope that 2008 bears witness to substantial strides towards strengthening worldwide peace via measures taken by influential international bodies.

“The recent decision by the EU to preserve the MKO on its terrorist organization blacklist, which demonstrates the intellectual and humane standards of this Union, is a move fully appreciated by the UISA, the most reputable Iranian student body within Europe.

"The 28 year old history of the Islamic revolution in Iran is tainted by the violent victimization of a sovereign nation via organized terrorist factions aiming to inflict an immobilizing blow to the dignity and morale of the Iranian people. Through a doctrine of fear and assassination such terror attacks have claimed the lives of some of the greatest and most admirable people of this nation, from religious scholars to university lecturers and from distinguished public servants elected by the people to ordinary members of society pursuing their daily lives. The use of highly sophisticated weapons including chemical armaments in assaulting the peaceful people of Iran is so horrifying in nature that the bitter memory of these losses will forever be engrained in the minds of every Iranian.

“One must ask why a unique democratic movement such as the Iranian revolution has been the target of a continuous wave of organized terrorist attacks for the past 28 years. Hitherto the query of how these terrorist groups are supported both speculatively and financially for their inhumane conduct still remains unanswered for the Iranian nation.

“We believe that, in concordance with section 3 of resolution 1483 issued by the United Nations (approved in the 4761 UN general session, on May 22, 2003), it is time for the leaders of MKO — which is an inherently criminal group — to be prosecuted in international courts for cooperating with the Ba’thist regime and performing criminal acts against the two oppressed nations of Iran and Iraq. Furthermore, we express our gratitude towards the EU for their appropriate stance on the enforcement of this ruling across all the European countries so that none of the members of this terrorist group are authorized to seek refuge anywhere within Europe and exert their inhumane terrorist acts.

“Considering the aforesaid group is known as one of the most abhorrent terrorist groups by the Iranian nation, undoubtedly any strides from the respected union to prevent their terrorist activities can be alleged as an evident support of conforming the human rights, human dignity, and admiration at the threshold of honoring the sixtieth anniversary of the issuance of the worlds human right manifesto which with no doubt resides in peoples minds as a worthwhile memento.

“Since a court in the United Kingdom has recently eradicated this criminal terrorist group from the terrorist blacklist, it has offended the Iranians public opinion as the rights of hundreds of innocent people who were martyred by this group is neglected.”

The statement says that the union is expected to make arrangements to have the British government respecting the decision made by the EU in order to include and preserve the MKO on its terrorist organization blacklist.

“Ultimately we would like to once more express our greetings for the arrival of the New Year and inform you that as Iranian students abroad we appreciate your prudent and judicious decisions and will reflect your positive conducts to the Iranian nation. We hope that the collective efforts of politicians, parliamentary representatives, and intellectuals amount to the obliteration of terrorism in all shapes and forms resulting in a state of harmony and global security. Surely even the smallest stride towards this humanitarian goal is in itself a significant achievement and shall leave behind a distinguished mark on the pathway to international safekeeping.”

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