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Letter to Abbas Golrizan, a hostage of the MEK in Albania

Abbas Golrizan father

Letter of Valiollah Golrizan, the father of Abbas Golrizan a member of the Mujahedin Khalq (the MEK/ PMOI) who has been taken as a hostage by the group for over 35 years:

Dear Abbas,
I hope you are well. Why don’t you answer my letters? why don’t you contact me? When you were a child, I had so many dreams for your future. When you went to army service, I was looking forward to your return. I did not know that the two years of army service would end to so many years of separation. I do not forgive those who deceived you and deprived me from your return. I do not forgive them for they do not allow you to contact your family. How long do I have to endure this separation?

My beloved Abbas
Believe me! I am too old to wait for you. I am sick and I really miss you. You live in a place in which there is no happy ending for your story. The leaders of the MEK tell you lies.

Dear abbas,
Liberate yourself from that hellish camp and get back to your family. Your family and I are waiting for you. Son! Please fulfill my dream!

Your father,
Valiollah Golrizan

Abbas Golrizan father

Abbas Golrizan father

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