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A letter to our brother Abbas Golrizan; hostage at the MEK Tirana Camp

Abbas Golrizan family

Abbas was a soldier in Iran-Iraq war when he was taken as a war prisoner by the Iraqi forces.
“Abbas used to write letters to us from Iraqi POW camp via the International Red Cross from time to time but when the war was over and eventually the POWs were released by the Iraqi government, Abbas did not return home.”, his sister says.

Trying to find Abbas, the Golrizan family soon found out that Abbas had been transferred to the camp of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization. Abbas has been in the MEK for over 30 years. When the group members based at Camp Ashraf and Liberty in Iraq, the Golrizan family traveled to Iraq several times to visit Abbas. However, the cult leaders didn’t allow them. His family have no access to him. Their only resort is writing letters to the human rights bodies. They also write letters to Abbas and publish them on the cyberspace in the hope that Abbas would see and read them.

Abbas Golrizan family

Abbas Golrizan sisters

The Abbas sisters have recently written another letter to him:

“Dear brother,
How long should we endure your being away? Save yourself from the trap you have fallen into. You are our only brother. We all love you and want you to be next to us. To live by our side.
We have sent you several letters during all these years. Why didn’t you reply to any of the letters? why don’t you contact us?
Dear bro, we know that you live in the closed camp of the MEK Cult. We know that you do not have access to the outside world. You don’t have permission to call us. We are sure that if you were free, you would have called us.
Please free yourself from the cult boundaries. We want you to live your own life freely. We know that you have had hard time living within the MEK Camps. We are waiting for you to liberate yourself and return to the family.”

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