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You saved my life? child soldier asks the MEK

the MEK child soldiers

Former child soldier of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) writes about several questions his mind was flooded with during the years he was kept under the rule of the Cult of Rajavi. Under the order of Massoud Rajavi, Mohammad Reza Torabi and 800 children of the MEK were separated from their Mujahed parents in 1991. He was smuggled to Canada where he had to stay with MEK agents in their bases in Toronto or he was forced to live with families who were linked with the group. This is his Facebook post on his concerns as a child whose basic rights were violated in the MEK:

The main question that has come to my mind all these years after being sent from Iraq to Canada was why not even one of my parents accompanied me? Wasn’t it their goal to save my life, as they said? Why did my mom let me be handed over to a family in Toronto that constantly assaulted me, even when they were mad at their other kids? A family with a psychotic mother and a revengeful father who hated the MEK and projected his hatred for Massoud Rajavi on me. Why was it allowed to be sexually assaulted by one of Rajavi’s full-time supporters at the age of 11 at the MEK’s base in Toronto? Why?! Wasn’t it their duty to protect my life?

the MEK child soldiers

I got the answer when I wanted to leave the MEK in 2017. When Zahra Seraj (my biological mother) gave me an ultimatum saying, “If you leave the Mujahedin, you are no longer my son and I will no longer have a relationship with you.” And I proudly left the Rajavi worshiping cult. Yes, Rajavi’s dirty ideology has brainwashed these fathers and mothers that they are ready to prefer the organization and its disappeared leader over their children not once but a thousand times. They have become so brainwashed that now in the German court they write false testimonies against us. The bitter humor of the story is that they consider it their honor!

History will make harsh judgement on these fake revolutionaries. The winter will go and the blackness will remain in the charcoal.
The Mujahedin Organization, the trial is ahead.
Tick tok tok!

At the age of 16, the MEK agents promised Mohammad Reza to take him to Iraq to visit his parents. However, he was made sign a recruitment form to join the MEK’s army in Iraq, National Liberation Army! He was not told that his father had passed away five years earlier. He came to know about his father’s death just after he arrived in Camp Ashraf in 1999. During the 18 years that he was in the Cult of Rajavi, he worked hard serving the alleged cause of the MEK. He was never told how his father was killed under torture in the MEK’s internal prison. He was informed about his father’s killers only after he left the group in 2017. Today he lives in Germany enjoying the free world. He is writing his autobiography “A Ray of Light”.

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