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My father is a captive of Mojahedin-e Khalq Cult

Her eyes fill with tears when she talks about her father. 35 years has passed, she still is awaiting the return of her father.

She looks out for at least a news of her father’s well-being. She awaits her father’s release from the bars of MKO Cult.

Ms. Fatemeh Alimirzaei was a little girl when the Rajavi’s mercenaries tricked her father, Reza into joining the Cult. Now she is married and has a little beautiful daughter.

Ms. Fatemeh Alimirzaei came to Nejat Society office in accompany with her elderly mother to get a news of her father. They wanted to know if Reza was among those Camp Liberty residents who have recently transferred to Albania.

They said:” Why no human rights body do probe our pleas as suffering families of deceived members of the MKO Cult?!

Why don’t they help us with visiting our beloved family members?!Why do the MKO Cult leaders discriminately select some members to be relocated in Tirana?!Why do the Cult leaders have left alone my father and other members in the insecure country of Iraq?!

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