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MKO’s Ties with Jordanian Intelligence Service

Jordan expands its ties with the MKO and King Bandar of Saudi has decided to support this group and Jondallah in Baluchistan.

Security guards of Amman international airport have received an order by Jordanian interior ministry to offer facilities to those MKO members who have passports from Iraq or other countries. This decision was made during last months, after there were cooperation and close ties between this organization and Jordanian security services on Iran-Iraq issues.

According to sources close to Accord Front in Jordanian capital, MKO has opened an official base in Amman after CIA advised Jordanians to increase their cooperation with the group.

There’s no doubt that most of meetings and ties between the MKO leaders and members of Accord Front are being held in Amman. These very meetings led to the recent visit of Sunni delegation (headed by Accord Front and Al-Hiwar Al-Watani Front) to Brussels. Adnan Al-Dulaimi, Zafer Alaani, Khalf Al-Ayan and Sale Al-Motlaq were among the 12 who comprised the delegation. Eight of them stayed in Germany and Netherlands to seek political asylum.

Sources close to Accord Front in Amman say that the Jordanian officials pay equal attention to the MKO and Iraqi government opponents.

Some diplomats of Persian Gulf in Amman stressed that this cooperation with the MKO is not limited to Jordan and that Saudi Arabia has also decided to support all Iranian opposition groups in order to be able to decrease Iran’s political and military influence in the region. The MKO and Jondallah are of these groups. The latter is the one active in the Iranian Baluchistan region. According to these diplomats, King Bandar Bin Soltan from Saudi Arabia has been personally involved in making such decision. In this regard, Riyadh received a high delegation of MKO in December. Diplomats say that Americans have encouraged Riyadh to establish more ties with the MKO and that they are lobbying for similar purposes in Europe. Recently, Washington has convinced Norwegians to allow the group to open an office in Oslo and Maryam Rajavi, the leader of group, visited Oslo last year.

The opponents of Iraqi government based in Amman say that Saudi embassy in Amman is giving more time to the MKO and it seems that they have a better chance to be supported by Saudis. "Saudi embassy in Jordan is considered one of the most important Sadui embassies in the region and it is in charge of security and intelligence operations," they said.

Political analysts believe that Saudi Arabia’s approach to the MKO is not new but what’s new is King Bandar’s relationship with the group to interfere in Iraq-Iran affairs. Despite the opposition of Iraq’s public opinion and this country’s officials, this organization is still present in Iraq as an opposition organization and American occupiers support it. Meanwhile, despite Iraqi MPs decision the group should be expelled from Iraq, Americans support the group and like Saudis believe that the group is a threat to the security of Islamic Republic.

Sotaliraq – 2007/03/04


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