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No change in Jordan’s position towards MKO

No change in Jordan’s position towards MKO: Jordanian official Amman

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nassar Habashneh has affirmed that there was no change in Amman’s position towards the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO).

Speaking to Jordan’s News Agency (Petra) on Saturday night, Habashneh said Amman’s commitment to deal with "legitimate authorities."

"Jordan adheres to its clear position in dealing with the legitimate authorities as a general principle that governs Jordan’s relations with world countries," said the spokesman.

He added that participation of some of the Jordanians in MKO’s conferences "comes on an individual basis" and "does not reflect Jordan’s official position."

Habashneh said that Jordan had previously made it clear to Iranian officials on a number of occasions that it had no contacts with the terrorist organization.

"The foreign minister clarified this position to his Iranian counterpart during their meeting on the sidelines of the Non-Aligned Movement Conference, which was recently held in Tehran," Habashneh said.

The spokesman reiterated Jordan’s willingness "to maintain good relations with the Iran and promote them for the interest of both countries."

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