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US’s New Strategy and MKO’s Position

It seems that the early slogans of US warmongers on the spread of democracy in the Middle East is an issue even the US’s failed politicians are too tired to repeat in their speeches.

Drawing a goal as "spread of democracy" was from the beginning a hollow slogan and what was important for Neocons was to impose US’s hegemony on region’s country and people and to get the oil resources. That’s why this goal is followed by deploying more US troops and threatening the countries of the region, and not by respecting the will of majority of Iraqis (who ask for the exit of occupiers).Warmongers’ obstinate competition with democrats, now representing the Americans’ requests on US’s foreign policy (particularly putting and end to the war), is another factor for the insistence of Bush’s team on killing Iraqis and others in the region.

Warmongers are well aware they have totally failed and that changing the strategy can’t help them. While experts had suggested their ideas on different solutions, warmongers still stress the spread of violence only to satisfy their hatreds.

In this way, they have resorted to the policy of creating tension between Arabs-Persians and Shiite-Sunnis to take advantage of the situation.

Their reliance on such a policy, with its whole negative consequences for the people of region, means "committing suicide" and getting more entangled in the quagmire. This will also intensify negative reactions in US’s domestic political scene.

US’s new approach, which will certainly be accompanied by more bloodshed and violence in Iraq and the region, would be welcomed only by anti-Islamic and anti-human movements whose lives are tied to setting up the fire of war and US invasions against other countries.

Among those who will welcome this are Israel and its followers in the region (those who, like warmongers, claimed of spreading democracy); failed from achieving their goals by the slogan of peace, they are in dire need for such policy by the US.

The terrorist group of MKO should also be included in this group. Lacking a clear strategy and surviving only by the support of Saddam Hussein, this group is now facing the strong opposition by Iraqi government and people and is also at the threshold of being deported from Iraq.

Believing only in bloodshed and violence and weakening the government of Iraq as the only ways to survive, Rajavi’s cult hopes it would be used by warmongers as an influential force.

It doesn’t seem the warmongers (who see the best solution as deploying 21000 troops) are interested in using 3000 desperate members of MKO who’ve been disarmed by the Americans themselves. However, if the warmongers are stupid enough to use bankrupt forces of Rajavi, it will be proved that Rajavi’s murderous gang is unable to do anything and that part of US forces should take care of these people. This has been proved during past 20 years when Saddam was taking care of the group.

Apart from this reality, what’s important and should be paid attention by MKO members and supporters is MKO’s recent stance, which exposes the depth of this group’s crimes.

Now, it can be said that Mojahedin-e Khalq is proudly paving the way for policies of the most hated parties of Imperialism all over the world the crimes of whom are known to everyone.

Today, another black page should be added to the treacherous records of this group- after cooperating with Saddam against Iranians. The crimes of the cult will never help the group survive but it will add more problems for the group.

Irandidban –  2007/01/14

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