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Iraqi government clarified its position regarding MKO

In a report from Baghdad on security measures in to combat insurgent activity, the Iraqi government again clarified its position regarding the Mojahedin Khalq organization (aka Rajavi cult). 18 February 2007 Meanwhile, Iraqi cabinet spokesman Ali Al Dabagh said the government regarded the Iranian [Mojahedin] Khalq opposition group, which Iraq harboured during former President Saddam Hussein’s reign, as “a terrorist” group.  Al Dabagh said that the group should be forced to leave since “the constitution forbids the presence of any organization that is engaged in or supports in terrorism in the Iraqi territories.”  Less than a month before Al Dabagh’s comments, a [Mojahedin] Khalq spokeswoman had told pan-Arab Al Sharq Al Awsat that the group’s faction in Iraq, which lives in a camp east of Baghdad, has stopped its activities.  “We only have around 4,000 men, women and children who reside in Ashraf camp near Diyali,” Dawla Norouzi said, adding: “We respect the Iraqi government.”  Norouzi said that [Mojahedin] Khalq activities in were reduced to “cultural and educational” activities. [Mojahedin] Khalq has been struggling against the Iranian regime for more than two decades. 

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