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MKO, Israel’s Intelligence Dealer

The Mojahedin-e Khalq [aka Rajavi cult] managed the meeting of two Iraqi Sunni representatives with Israelis in Brussels.

Some western journalists in Brussels are surprised to see the volume of cooperation and coordination between the MKO and Iraq’s Sunni oppositions. These journalists state that they had earlier received reports that Sunni oppositions had talked about the dangers of Safawis of Iraq and their threat and in response to questions that who they meant by Safawis they pointed to Iranians and Iraqi Shiites who support Iranians. Journalists say what surprised them was the presence of Iraq’s Sunni leaders in Brussels and that MKO was fully responsible for coordinating their affairs! The MKO had provided the Iraqi group with Iranians who were fluent in Arabic. It’s enough to say that Sunni delegation headed by Adnan Al-Dulaimi was the guest of MKO and not the European Parliament. It’s amazing! If the Iranians were Safawis, how a Sunni group would make alliance with them?

According to the reports, there are deep differences between the members of this political Sunni delegation and each one of them tried to manage his own meetings with European representatives. The tension intensified so that sometimes they accused each other; for instance, Khalf Al-Alyan denied the position of Adnan Al-Dulami and competed with Saleh Motlaq in establishing ties with European Parliament’s diplomats.

A diplomat in the EU said: "The Sunni’s delegation had entered Brussels through improper channels and it could have achieved far better results if I had come by the invitation of Arab League or some Arab states. However, they came here by a notorious organization that is being punished for its terrorist designation. Although the organization opposes the Islamic regime of Iran, the group itself has not a proper political situation. Therefore, it can’t be considered a good mediator between Iraqi Sunnis and the EU.

Press sources have stressed that the MKO has used its ties with Israeli diplomats in Brussels to manage a meeting between two Sunni representatives and some Israeli figures. In the meetings, the two Sunnis have been given missions to pursue in Iraq. It’s been said that the Israelis were Mossad Agents. The two Sunni representatives knew the Israelis were intelligence agents.

According to sources, whose reports are based on the intelligence of Belgian security forces (responsible for monitoring and protecting this delegation), these two Sunnis were "Khalf Al-Ayan" and "Zafer Alaani". The sources added that other members of the delegation also might have met the Israelis.

"Khalf Al-Ayan" is trying to prevent the ruling of Shiites over Iraq. Having been an army officer in the former regime and serving in Iraq-Iran war, he strongly opposes Iran," sources added.

"Khalf Al-Ayan and other members of the delegation are going to affront Shiite religious leaders, particularly Ayatollah Ali Sistani."

In this regard, Al-Alyan had said that he had rejected meetings with Ayatollah Sistani because he didn’t want to recognize his role, or that of other religious leaders, in Iraq.

The delegation, headed by Adnan Al-Dulaimi, included a number of Iraqi Parliament members such as Khalf Al-Ayan, Saleh Motlaq, Zafer Alaani, and Sheikh Khaled Al-Bar’ a leader of Sunni tribe of Al-Dulaim and General Ali Khalifeh, a commander of former regime’s army.

After the EU court ruled that restrictions on MKO properties should be lifted, Adnan Al-Dulaimi, Khalf Al-Alyan and Saleh Motlaq contacted MKO leaders and congratulated them on the issue. They expressed hope that the group could continue its activities as the past 20 years.

It shold be noted that the MKO’s relations with this group is not limited to Brussels’ visit, but the intelligence exposed two years ago indicated that there were wide security, military and political relations between the two sides and that these ties were encouraged by US’s ambassador to Iraq, Zalmi Khalilzad. So far, these relations were kept secretly but after Maliki’s government pressurized the group to leave Iraq, the MKO asked Iraqi groups to announce their support for the group in public so that the entire world would know that there are Iraqis who don’t like MKO’s expulsion!

To show that Sunni Arabs support the group, MKO asked Paulo Casaca, a member of European Parliament and a stronger supporter of the group, to manage the visit of Iraqi Sunnis to Brussels.

It should be noted that the visit has had high costs for the group. It’s also said that the Iraqi Sunnis received gifts from the group.

In this regard, Nahrainnet was informed that there were 20 in the delegation that left Jordan to Brussels, while only 13 have returned. It seems that others have found the opportunity to seek asylum in Germany and Netherlands.


Nahrainnet.net, February 11, 2007


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