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Adnan, Al-Alyan and Alaani Cry for MKO!

What forced me to write this were the cries of Adnan, Al-Alyan and Alaani for the MKO in Brussels.

First, this double behavior these people are following will have nothing except destruction of Iraq and Iraqis, including Shiites and Sunnis, and only helps their personal interests. As everyone knows, the MKO is an Iranian organization and besides, it has been categorized as a terrorist group. Now, what’s the mystery of relations of Adnan, Al-Alyan, Zafer and Al-Zari with this organization that they cry for it and claim of Iran’s interference in Iraq through Shiite militia? Why do they claim that Shiites are Safawis not Iraqis? Why do they cry for the elements of MKO while they’re in fact very Safawis in Iraq?

Is there anything except the fact that these remnants want to destroy Iraq with every possible means? They would do it even if they have to sell Iraq and Iraqis with the cheapest price and set fire to the public in order to revenge for their former master. These people tried to sell Iraq in their deals with Israelis, the US and some neighboring countries. Their last card could be the MKO. This would be their losing card not winning card but they consider it a boost to their sick bodies.

What’s the reason for these people, who are of Iraqi Sunnis, to cry for the MKO. This group includes people who plot for killing and beheading Iraqis.

Our government should always be vigilant about the dangers of MKO criminals, who were used by Saddam Hussein in killing our Kurd brothers during 1991 uprising. These traitors were armed to the teeth, used modern weapons, had enough experience to run the war, agents of Estekhbarat monitored their training and their weapons and their ties with the former regime was complex and strong; I’m sure that they already have cooperation with terrorist groups in Iraq. They’re being supported by the people who call themselves”the enemies of Safawis”.

This group should be dealt with cautiously. It should be noted that if their weapons were transferred to terrorists like Dulaimi and Zari, a disaster would happen to Iraq and Shiites in particular.


Nabil Al-Basari/Sautaliraq,

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