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Rajavi should be tried for running a “sex cult” as Adnan Oktar is

Massoud Rajavi and Adnan Oktar

The news of the arrest of a Turkish sex cult leader “who preached sermons while surrounded by glamorous women who he dubbed his ‘kittens’” was published in the mainstream media. The news rings the bells for families in the societies all over the world. This warns that the threat of abusive cults is always around.

Photos and films of Adnan Oktar illustrated the reports of his arrest. He is often shown in luxurious places surrounded by “scantily-clad and heavily made-up women — who appeared to have had plastic surgery” dancing around him as if they are mesmerized by him.

The news seems to be a special warning for those who are aware of the sexual abuses that have been committed in the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO, MEK, the PMOI, the Cult of Rajavi). Actually, these people are terribly concerned about the victims of the Cult of Rajavi because the cult’s destructive practices and sexual assaults of its leader Massoud Rajavi are not widely known to the world; the group has covered its true face under the mask of a democratic feminist political group.

Adnan Oktar, a bizarre and controversial Islamic televangelist figure, was detained in his villa in Istanbul’s upmarket Cengelkoy district by local police on Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported.

Police said accusations against Oktar include forming a gang with criminal intent, sexual abuse of minors, sexual assault, kidnapping, blackmail, fraud, money laundering and exploitation of religious sentiments, according to the report.

The accusations that Adnan Oktar is charged with, are very similar to those of other leaders of destructive cults and particularly to those of Massoud Rajavi –the disappeared leader of the MKO. However, Rajavi has never been sued for the crimes he committed against his followers inside the MKO.

In fact, the only time that an MKO leader was arrested was in June 17th, 2003 that Maryam Rajavi, the third wife of Massoud Rajavi was arrested by the French Police in her headquarters in Paris for money laundering and terrorism charges. The police raid was responded by a dozen of followers of the group who set themselves on fire to protest the arrest of their leader’s wife. Massoud Rajavi has been disappeared since then.

Dead or alive, Masssoud Rajavi is denounced by a large number of dissociated members of his cult of personality. Violations of human rights committed in the MKO include a wide range from sexual harassment to torture and death against both men and women and both adults and children. The Human Rights Watch report titled “No Exit” that was published in in 2005 documented a lot of cases of human rights abuses in the Cult of Rajavi. However, one of the most horrific revelations about Massoud Rajavi was later made by Batul Soltani a former member of the MKO’s so-called elite called “Leadership Council”. She bravely revealed horrifying facts about sexual abuse by Massoud Rajavi although she said that recalling those memoires is “awfully difficult” for her.

Soltani exposed a cultic ceremony in the MKO, called “Salvation Dance” (nude dancing) in which women of the “Leadership Council” were made remove their clothes in front of Massoud Rajavi and dance before him. ”Get close to Massoud and unite with him”, Maryam said to the dancing women.

Soltani added, “They had portrayed the issue of having [sexual] relations with Massoud Rajavi in such a way that it appeared to us as the most sacred task. Mas’ud Rajavi also used verses from the Qur`an to justify his behavior”.

Soltani together with two other former members, Zahra Mirbaqeri and Nasrin Ebrahimi once again denounced the MKO by presenting a list of 100 female members of the group who have gone under hysterectomy to be sexually abused by the Cult leader, Massoud Rajavi, to the European Parliament

Nasrin Ebrahimi had previously revealed that Rajavi had entitled the operation to remove women’s womb as “Summit” referring to women’s extreme devotion to their leader. They lose their final sign of sexuality and motherhood, or as Mrs. Singleton says” to neutralize their sexuality”.

Mir Baqeri said that the surgical operations were carriedout to take out the victims’ wombs so that they would not be pregnant afterbeing raped by Rajavi.

Women of the Leadership Council were given a necklace on which Massoud’s portrait was graved earlier than they were made married with him. Zahra Mir Baqeri has one of the necklaces to show those who are concerned.

“Maryam Rajavi invented rituals such as being washed by other women members so as to ‘spiritually purify’ them, followed by the instruction to dance naked before both the Rajavis to prove they had ‘broken the physical and mental barriers’ to their total submission to Massoud,” The British defector of the Cult of Rajavi Ann Singlton writes. “After these coercive practices, he would choose a bedmate for sex. The women have said that they did not agree to sex with Rajavi out of free will but because they had been coerced through deception into submitting to what they later came to recognize as rape.”

Soltani`s testimonies were then confirmed by male defectors too.  Ghorban Ali Hossein nezhad, former Rajavi’s personal interpreter writes in his Facebook account, “They told me personally that I should erase my martyred wife from my mind and I should imagine her sleeping with Brother Massoud.”

He recalls the exact words of Mehdi Abrishamchi, MaryamRajavi’s ex-husband as telling the male members of the cult,”Your wives should follow Sister Mayam.  I mean as I divorced Sister Mayam so that she could marry Brother Massoud , your wives divorced from you and married Brother massoud.”

Hosseinnezhad even recalls one of the women of the Elite Council who was his Arabic language student once told him, “Rajavi has group sex with us – members of his personal office”. Hossein nezhad asserts that the woman left the group and went to Europe, in 2007.

Compared with Massoud Rajavi What is salient about Adnan Oktar is that at least he seems to be honest in his bizarre mix of Islam and modern secularity.  According to The Times, Oktar runs his own television channel, A9, on which he would “broadcast bizarre sermons from his compound on an Istanbul hilltop” that were “light on Islam but heavy on erotica”.

“Many Turks have long considered him a laughing stock,” The Times adds, and he has repeatedly been denounced by Turkey’s religious authorities. Ali Erbas, head of the country’s Diyanet religious affairs agency, said earlier this year that Oktar had “likely lost his mental balance”.

Massoud Rajavi, along with his co leader Maryam can be considered as ridiculous or mentally sick as Adnan Oktar if not more but for sure t they are more fraudulent and perhaps smarter than Adnan because they have kept all of their clandestine crimes within a very isolated cult-like establishment called Mujahedin Khalq Organization and National Council of Resistance (NCR).

Massoud and MaryamRajavi should be brought to justice just for very similar reasons even if the cult leaders deny this horrific practices. In fact, the female members of the Cult of Rajavi look pale, old, exhausted and barren with no plastic surgeries and cosmetics but they are victims of a sexist modern slavery.

Mazda Parsi

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