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Commemoration of 8th of March, The International Women’s Day

Paying tribute to the women’s roll in the society, and examining the situation of women in Rajavi’s cult

The former women members of Mojehedin-e Khalq Organisation (MKO) participated in a commemorative meeting which was organised by the Nejat Society in Isfahan on the anniversary of the International Women’s Day.  They presented a conclusion about their experiences from the cultic relationships within the MKO to the concerned families of the MKO members. The atmosphere dominating the cult was also explained and they described how women, even more than men, are mentally abused in the organisation.

The meeting was opened by Ms Rabii. She explained how women have been victims of various cults including the MKO particularly as mothers. The meeting was followed by a panel to discuss the situation of women in cults and two vital questions about women in MKO were discussed. The two queries are as follows:

1. Why women have been given higher positions in the MKO?

2. Why less women defect from the MKO compared to the men?

In this panel Ms Shalchi, Ms Qorsi, and Ms Sadri spoke about their experiences within the MKO. They discussed that despite Rajavi as the leader of the MKO is a man but he has given all key responsibilities to women. This is of course due to the fact that he does not trust men and finds women more reliant.

They illustrated how Rajavi suppressed the natural emotions, passions and feelings of women and forced them to divorce their husbands and abandon their children. Rajavi knows well that this suppression would absorb them to his cause and make them all dependent on him.

The ladies provided many examples and facts about the misdeeds occurring inside the organisation. For instance Ms Sadri explained how she was suggested to give her one year old child a bottle of milk containing cyanide and how she was made to slap her husband into his face. Ms Qorsi declared that she was threatened that she would be sent to Abu-Ghuraib Prison if she would not submit to the demands of the organisation. Ms Shalchi testified that the organisation believes family is the nest of corruption and made the followers to have the same thought.

The conclusion at the end of the panel was the answer to the above mentioned questions that although men and women are equal by creation, but the society has imposed them certain eminent roles. Women, particularly in eastern societies like Iran are more reluctant and dependent to someone else than men. They generally feel the need of being supported. On the other hand women are the core of the family and very dependant to them, therefore the organisation, like many cults, tries to turn their love to the family into hatred. Women would be totally vulnerable to be dependent to the cult and its leader once a woman is made to hate her family and would be much harder for her to break ties with the cult and leave the organisation.

Finally the families who had participated in the meeting raised their questions to be answered by the panel. They mainly wanted to know that how they can help their beloved ones out of the terrorist cult of Rajavi. 

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