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Mojahedin-e Khalq Must Be Expelled

Iraq’s Sunni Accord Front and Mojahedin-e Khalq organization have many things in common. They’re both acting against the interests of their people and their countries. They’re both connected to foreigners in a way or other. Both of them pursue programs that will lead to the destruction of their countries and the deaths of their people. However, what puts them next to each other is”hypocricy”.

If we heard earlier that Iranians call Mojahedin”hypocrites”, we would be surprised; but now that we see Accord Front in Iraq and witness its propagandistic and political activities, we understand why they’re this much similar. Coordination between two hypocrite groups (Iranian MKO and Iraqi Accord Front) is natural and indeed one can say that such relationship should exist between them because they have same principles and same targets.

Comments and criticisms by the MKO are not new. A remnant of the former Iraqi regime, MKO is being subjected to expulsion from Iraq and that’s why it has started criticizing. We ask the government to arrest the criminals of this organization who were involved in killing Iraqi people when Saddam Hussein was in power. They still support Arab murderers and terrorists and even some of them take a direct part in terrorist operations against Iraqi people.

Ties and relations between Accord Front and MKO and their visit to Belgium underline the fact that these two groups should leave Iraq since they’re motivating sectarian feelings among Iraqis. 

MKO has a lobby in Europe and so it could find a ground for spreading negative views in Europe and continuing its activities there. …

Zahir Shantaf/Sotaliraq 

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