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The Plots of Cult against Iraqi Government

Issuing a statement in Paris under the name of NCRI, the terrorist group of Mojahedin-e Khalq expressed deep concern over the decision of Iraqi government to expel the group from Iraq.

This follows the failure of a plot by the agents of the group against those Iraqi officials and authorities who have asked for the expulsion.

Last week, the agents of this terrorist group published a list of names (of Iraqi political figures, reporters, officials and MPs) and accused them of receiving money from Iran and claimed that they were Iran’s agents!

The terrorist MKO thought it could intensify US’s confrontation with Iran and pave the way for a big attack on Shiite figures and MPs. However, this failed and no one paid attention as if all sides in Iraq have all understood the fact that it was only a tactic to help the survival of the group.

Following this failure, the second phase of plot began and they claimed that, following Hakim and Abdulmahdi’s visit to Iran, parliament voting on the expulsion of the group was planned.

These conflicting claims (conflicting because on one hand they claimed that Hakim and Abdulmahdi have been tasked by Tehran to expel the MKO and on the other hand say that the bill will be put to voting in Iraqi parliament before winter vacations!) prove how concerned the group is about the determination of Iraqi government.

The MKO knows well that only a few unpopular pro-Baath individuals or groups in the parliament will support the group and therefore they try to convince the public opinion that the voting has been a task by Tehran. The fact is that, by such claims they only show that their previous claims on having popular support in Iraq were all lies.

What’s clear is that the illegal presence of the group in Iraq has been possible with the help of American-British warmongers. Without such help, the group wasn’t able to stay in Iraq for even one day.

The presence of the group after the fall of Saddam on one hand is limited to efforts for interfering in Iraq’s internal affairs in order to preserve its stats and on the other hand it has not succeeded in satisfying industrial and manual needs of the occupiers.

It’s clear that in such situation, the decision of Iraqi government is right and since the MKO is dependent on Iraq the leaders of the group try to impose themselves on the country.


Irandidban –  2007/02/08

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