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Iraqi Government has the right to evict MKO

As the iron arm of Saddam Hussein to suppress Iraqi Kurds and Shiites uprisings in 1991, Mujahedin Khalq Organization is seriously detested by Iraqi nation and government. The Iraqi government has so far shown quiet amount of tolerance for a terrorist destructive cult that has Iraqi Government has the right to evict MKOoccupied a large area of its territory and has the bloods of its Kurdish and Shiite nationals in its hands.

Ann Singleton who is a leading expert on MKO and also ex-member of the group attended a panel at al-Mostansariye University in Baghdad where she described MKO a force to disrupt the process of democtrization in Iraq. “MKO occupies the only remaining untouched infrastructure of the former Saddam regime”, Singleton asserts.

Following April 8th clashes at Camp Ashraf allegations propagated by MKO to demonize the Iraqi government especially Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki ended with Iraqi authorities’ firm determination to expel the group from Iraqi soil.

Iraqi government spokesman Ali al – Dabbagh insisted on the "necessity of getting it [the MKO] out of Iraq", a week after the clashes at Camp Ashraf." This organization must be removed from Iraqi territory by all means, including political and diplomatic, with the cooperation of the UN and international organizations", he said in a statement. [1]

The Iraqi government doesn’t want a foreign terrorist group in its territory. The country’s justice minister, Hassan al-Shammari noted in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart that the decision to expel MKO from Iraq was made in line with the Iraqi constitution, which prohibits the presence of any militia group in Iraqi territory. [2]

To be fair, the Iraqi government has given enough notice to the group, and now, by the end of hostilities in the country, this democratically elected government wants them to leave its country. Those states that criticize the GOI for human rights violation against Ashraf residents can solve the issue simply by granting asylum to them. While Iraq has made clear that it intends to shut down the camp by the end of the year, members of the cult-like organization refuse to leave and other countries are reluctant to take them, according to the Christian Science Monitor. [3]

As Iraq’s Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari suggested," Countries who care about the fate and human rights of this group… should welcome them and resettle them in their countries." Zebari told Radio Free Europe, "The Iraqi government prohibits the presence of Mujahedin-e-Khalq or any other militia groups from neighboring countries ". [4]

As a matter of fact, it is not Iraqi government’s fault that Mujahedin Khalq , a long-time ally of notorious Saddam Hussein and a traitor to Iranian nation, do not want to leave Iraq.

By Mazda Parsi

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