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German secret service report highlights MKO terror role

Germany’s domestic Verfassungsschutz intelligence agency highlighted in its annual report, released here Tuesday[May 19], MKO’s numerous terror attacks inside Iran.

The German secret service which continues to monitor the MKO, stressed the Paris-based terror group was "responsible for scores of attacks" inside Iran over the past three decades.

The report pointed out the MKO was no longer capable of conducting terror assaults in Iran ever since the collapse of Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hossein.

The Israeli-backed MKO terror group had collaborated with the former Saddam regime, brutally massacring tens of thousands of Iraq Kurds and Shias.

The MKO has been involved in the mass killings of thousands of innocent Iranians over the past 30 years.

The report referred also to MKO’s campaign in Europe to whitewash its brutal crimes by portraying itself as a "democratic Iranian opposition movement."

It added the MKO had hired numerous people of non-Iranian origin, interested in visiting Paris, to attend a MKO rally in the French capital on June 17, 2008.

The MKO terrorist group had also paid extras for a demonstration in Brussels on March 8, 2007 in a bid to cover up the small number of protesters, according to German press reports.

Around 60 Iranian actors and actresses who were not informed beforehand about the action, were paid the usual 50 euros per day fee to take part in the demonstration in Brussels where the MKO was protesting its blacklisting as a terror group by the European Union.

The extras were hired by a German casting agency, named ‘House of Extras’, which transferred them via two buses from Cologne to Brussels.

Most of the actors and actresses were duped into believing that the MKO demonstration was part of a movie and not a real event.

Once the extras arrived at the scene of a demonstration they were shocked and most of them broke away from the other demonstrators.

Meanwhile, a representative of the German casting agency said extras were also hired for another MKO rally in New York in fall 2005.

Jochen Cerff confirmed 50 actors and actresses were hired in Hamburg and Leipzig to take part in a New York rally in front of the UN building.

The extras received reportedly a one-week complimentary trip to New York.

The MKO had also paid poor European-based immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, most of them social welfare recipients, to attend demonstrations in Berlin.

Several of the paid African demonstrators were told by the MKO that they would go on a sightseeing trip to Berlin.

The MKO has also been of massive social welfare fraud in Germany.

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