MKO to remain under German secret service surveillance

BERLIN – The notorious MKO terror group will continue to be monitored by Germany’s domestic Verfassungsschutz intelligence agency despite the decision by the European Union to delist the MKO , a German government source told IRNA in Berlin Tuesday. MKO to remain under German secret service surveillance
Just because the EU has lifted the ban, it does not mean that we don’t have our own national security considerations, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
For instance, parts of the German Left party are being subjected to surveillance by the Verfassungsschutz although they are not blacklisted by the EU, he added.
The official made clear that Germany’s federal secret service and its state branches will continue their observation of the MKO.
Each German state has also its own separate Verfassungsschutz intelligence apparatus.
The MKO has been involved in the mass killings of thousands of innocent Iranians over the past 30 years.
Furthermore, the Israeli-backed MKO terror grouplet has also collaborated with the former Saddam regime, in brutally massacring tens of thousands of Iraq Kurds and Shiites.

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