Ebrahim Moradi declared his defection from the MEK

Ebrahim Moradi declared his total disassociation with the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK, MEKO, PMOI, NCRI, Cult of Rajavi) after 20 years of collaboration with group. Moradi, now 64 years old, from Kermanshah, in west of Iran, was a construction worker when he was deceived by an MEK recruiter to join the group in Iraq. “In 2001 I was a worker in Iranshahr, Baluchestan, (Eastern Iran), a man named Farid promised me to take me to Europe”, Moradi says. “I was seeking a better life so I found it a great opportunity.”

Ebrahim Moradi
Ebrahim Moradi

With the help of human smugglers, Farid took Ebrahim Moradi to Pakistan where he was given a fake passport. “They told me that there was a problem to go directly to Europe and I had to go to Iraq to stay there for a short time before moving to a European country,” Moradi writes in his message to announce his defection from the MEK.

The MEK agents warmly welcomed Moradi in Baghdad airport. They took him to a hotel and after a few days they took him to Camp Ashraf. “When I arrived in Camp Ashraf, a man named Aidin gave me a military uniform and told me, ‘You are a fighter for the Khalq (people)!’ “, Moradi recalls. “I was shocked, I asked them to leave me get back to Iran but I was told that I had no way out.”

Ebrahim Moradi was not personally interested in in the MEK’s cause. He was always looking for a chance to release himself from the bars of the Cult of Rajavi but like any other member of the MEK, he was constantly under the manipulation system of the group. “I had no access to the outside world, I was not even allowed to contact my family,” he says.

As a Sunni Muslim, Moradi was forced by the MEK commanders to obey the religious rules and ceremonies of the Shiite Mujahedin. “I was difficult for me but I had to obey the repressive ruling of the cult,” he states.
Moradi left the MEK’s camp in Albania in 2017 but he was linked with group’s authorities because of the monthly payment that the UN pays all refugees in Albania. In fact, the MEK leaders have confiscated the money and they pay it to their defectors as far as they work for them as spies against other defectors who have completely defected from the group.

About his departure from the MEK he says, “After 17 years of ruining my life for the lies and false promises of the MEK, I left the group after it was relocated in Albania but unfortunately it was like I was still I the group; I was forced to snitch on other defectors of the group as a spy just in order to receive my monthly payment.”

Ebrahim Moradi with ASILA members
Ebrahim Moradi with ASILA members

The MEK authorities wanted him to inform them on the whereabouts, job, family … of the defectors. “I was fed up with spying and snitching for them so I came to ASILA office and introduced myself to Mr. Heirani,” he writes.
Moradi joined ASILA (the association for the support of the Iranians living in Albania) which is run by defectors of the MEK to aid former members of the MEK to build a new life in the outside world.

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