Srafaraz Rahimi officially declared his defection from the Mujahedin Khalq Organization

In 2002, Sarfaraz was a young boy from Zahedan (a city in East of Iran) seeking to immigrate to Europe in hope of a better life. “A human trafficker took me to Pakistan and introduced me to a man named Farid,” Sarfaraz recounts his story with the MEK. “He told me that Farid would take me to Sweden.”

Nevertheless, Farid took Sarfaraz to Iraq. “In Iraq, they took us to camp Ashraf where I found out that I would never go to Europe,” Sarfaraz says. “This was a trap made by the MEK to recruit more members.”

Srafaraz Rahimi
Srafaraz Rahimi

The brainwashing system of the Cult of Rajavi coerced Sarfaraz to stay in Camp Ashraf for about two decades. “The group only seeks the interests of Massoud and Maryam Rajavi,” he says. “Neither the cause of the group and nor the forces matter to the Rajavis.”

After the group was relocated in Albania in 2013, Sarfaraz Rahimi left the group but he was financially dependent on the MEK. The group had actually confiscated the monthly payment that the UN pays the refugees in the MEK’s camp in Albania. This was a tool for the MEK authorities to morally abuse Sarfaraz and some other defectors of the group. The group wanted them to spy on other defectors, otherwise they were labeled as the agents of the Islamic Republic.

Finally in August 2021, Sarfaraz cut off all links with the notorious MEK agents and publicly announced his dissociation from the group. He was welcome by other defectors of the group who live freely in Albania. They held a party to celebrate his salvation from the bars of the Cult of Rajavi.

Sarfaraz Rahimi in Albania

Sarfaraz Rahimi in Albania

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