Mr. Kamand Ali Azizi: Members of the Rajavi cult have been brainwashed

Mr. Kamand Ali Azizi, a former member of the Rajavi Cult and one of the plaintiffs in the case against the leaders of MEK, stated on the first day of the Nationwide Online Conference of the Nejat Society held on August7, 2021:

Kamand Ali Azizi
KamandAli Azizi

I am Kamand Ali Azizi. I am very happy that the case has gone to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. I thank the families whose children are trapped and have come to this conference. Thanks to all of them. I was very closed to Ali Madad Sadeqi for many years.

Ali Madad Sadeqi wished to come to Iran and see his family, but he was brainwashed and therefore he is afraid to leave. Ali Madad and I were together. They said that if you go to Iran, you will be executed or you should go to prison. Ali Madad Sadeghi was afraid, otherwise he would have come to Iran a long time ago.

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