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Nejat Society Statement on the US plan to relocate MKO Cult in an Iraqi area

The American plan to relocate Mujahedin Khalq Cult in an Iraqi area far from Iranian border, pending their final resettlement, is a trick to support the group. Nejat Society does not approve such a support for a terrorist destructive cult.

The visit between Tariq Aziz and Massoud Rajavi in the 1980’s and their eventual agreement on MKO’s settlement in Iraq was a mutually beneficial deal for both MKO and Iraqi Baath Regime:

1. Formation of MKO’s military wing, National Liberation Army(NLA) in order to overthrow Islamic Republic .Indeed, NLA turned into a tool in hands of Saddam Hussein to launch attacks against Iranian and Iraqi people.

2. Building enclosed garrisons as the Cult’s essential containers where the leaders brainwash forces .Camp Ashraf is one of the most important containers.

3. Funding MKO with huge amount of money by Saddam’s Baath regime and some other Arabic countries in the region.

Families of Nejat Society believe that their children are paying the cost of Rajavi’s treasonous acts. Nejat Society calls for the shutdown of Camp Ashraf and MKO expulsion from Iraq because:

1. Breaking the bars of the cult in Camp Ashraf or any other new camp can lead our children to decide for their own fate freely.

2. It prevents the cult from deceiving and then recruiting new forces that causes the collapse of more families.

3. Consequently following the closure of Camp Ashraf, and separation of more than 90 percent of dissident members, the cult leader will face numerous problems and ultimately a cul-de-sac.

Nejat Society believes that there is no need for relocation of Camp Ashraf. A look at recent cases indicates that so far about 1000 defectors of MKO could manage to live a free life in European countries as well as Iran and no judicial obstacle was on their way. If the cult leaders are honest in their words, they should allow the members to decide whether to leave the group or stay in the cult, with their own free will not under the atmosphere of fear and pressure. Then they will see that there will be no more residents to move to another Iraqi area.

The US and EU countries that support MKO Cult looking for a decision to make for future of the cult, can make their mind within the deadline Iraqi government has assigned for MKO expulsion. The American plan is actually a solution to preserve the cult of Rajavi that Nejat families do not approve.

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