28 Camp Liberty residents fly to Albania

The moving process that was stopped due to the rocket attack on Camp Liberty resumed on November 3.

Twenty-eight TTL residents transferred to Albania in two groups of 14 individuals on November 3rd and 10th, Peyvand-e Rahayee Website reported.  

A total number of 172 TTL residents have been relocated in Tirana during the last month.

Despite the UNHCR recent update on the situation of Camp Liberty residents which refers the arrangements for transfer of 200 more Camp residents to Albania; that is 40 individuals a week, the MKO Cult leaders have reduced the number to just 14 people weekly. 

The UNHCR statement reads:” The solutions being delivered by UNHCR are current with more than 260 residents relocated since July 2015. Arrangements are in place to relocate in excess of 200 more people by the end of 2015.”

Names are as follows:

  1. Hamid Adham Maleki
  2. Musa Ardeshiri Alashti
  3. Iraj Basiri
  4. Mehraban Balaei
  5. Mahmoud Bidari
  6. Abdlorasul Habib Akhbari
  7. Sedigh Hejazi
  8. Esmaeil Hasanzadeh
  9. Javad Rabiei
  10. Vali Rahbari
  11. Akbar Rudani
  12. Gholamreza Soleimani
  13. Massoud Shahrjerdi
  14. Abdolmalek Sedigh Barani
  15. Mohammad Tavous Deyhimi
  16. Bahman Abedi
  17. Mojtaba Alimardani
  18. Mahmoud Farajmand
  19. Gholam Nabi Farzin
  20. Akbar Kazemi
  21. Ghodrat Karim Beygi Kamran
  22. Rahmatollah Mohebi
  23. Ghafoud Mohammadi
  24. Esmaeil Mardmand
  25. Mohammad Maghsoud Abadi
  26. Yahya Makvandi
  27. Hamid Monzavi
  28. Hossein Nematollahi
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