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26 more Camp Liberty residents moved to Albania

At the end of the last year another group of 26 people relocated in Tirana, Peyvan-e Rahayee Website reported.

The group relocated at December 26, 2015. The delay to release the names was due to the Christmas holidays.

Based on the UNHCR statement of December14 by the end of 2015, more than 1,100 residents were due to be relocated to a third country. This represents more than a third of the residents registered by UNHCR.

Albania has housed more than three-quarters of those transferred.

Based on the statement some 1900 people have remained in Camp Liberty by now.

Stating the significantly heightened security risks for the residents, the UNHCR emphasized on the need for the relocation of all Temporary Transit Location residents and called on all States to cooperate on the issue.

Names of those recently transferred are as follows:

  1. Mojtaba Akhgar
  2. Babak Arjmandi
  3. Asaad Akbari
  4. Morteza Akbarinasab
  5. Ali Asghar Torabi
  6. Sedigheh Hassanzadeh
  7. Naser Khoshkad
  8. Behrouz Sohrabi
  9. Khalil Shabaz
  10. Sorayya Sheikh zadeh
  11. Mehran Sabouhi
  12. Mehdi Abdolrahimi
  13. Abdolmalek Alavi
  14. Manijeh Aliyarzadeh
  15. Mirhafez Isapour
  16. Azizollah Gholamizadeh
  17. Mohammadreza Ghasemzadeh
  18. Yousof Kiya Fotouhi
  19. Fazlollah Mahmoudi
  20. Shohreh Maadanchi
  21. Mohammadjavad Musavi
  22. Farideh Nemati
  23. Mohamamd Nurali
  24. Mohammadhasan Nayyeri
  25. Ghader Veysi
  26. Mashallah Hemmati

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