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Open Letter from a mother to the UNHCR

To the High Commissioner of the UNHCR

I am Mahnaz Akafian, the mother of Mohammad Ali Sasani, who was a prisoner of war in Iraq but he is now prisoner in MKO in Iraq.

I have not had any news from my son for 28 years. Some time ago I went to Ashraf Camp and more recently I went to Liberty Camp in Iraq to find him. Unfortunately, I did not get any result. I do not know if humans have different rights. I ask you a question as a human rights representative. If a person is in prison and is condemned to death, do they have the rights to have contact with and see their family members? We ask from the MKO that we see our children. Even if we are guilty of all the sins they accuse us of, why shouldn’t we be allowed us to see our children? So many fathers and mothers were not allowed to see their children and they died. With this weak body of mine I ask, let us meet our son!

Kind regards,

Mahnaz Akafian, a mother

7 January 2016CC:

The head office of the International Committee of the Red Cross – Geneva

ICRC office in Baghdad

Mahnaz Akafian, Peyvande-rahaee,

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