Massoud Rajavi orders the killing of dissident members. Why?

Why Masoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi don’t want to protect the lives of CL residents from the threats of ISIS.

Open letter of Iranian Pen club also warns against the threats of Masoud Rajavi to kill the dissident members.

Open letter of Iranian Pen club to international bodies about residence of Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Iranian Pen club ( Kanon Iran Galam) consists of dissident senior ex-members of PMOI with more than 20 years of history with the PMOI whom are now Human rights activists and pursuing to save the lives of the rest of the members entangled in Camp Liberty.

As ISIS is advancing in Iraq, committing crime against humanity in the towns and villages especially against women and children. It has also been reported that ISIS is now near Baghdad and Camp Liberty, which pauses great danger towards the lives of its residents.

Leaders of the PMOI, Masoud and Maryam Rajavi, very well know the seriousness of the threat but not only take no action to save the residents of Camp Liberty, but insist on keeping them in the Camp.

Qua, last week Masoud Rajavi in a voice message to the residents of Camp Liberty which was also reported on PMOI’s media and can be reached via internet, having threatened to kill the dissident members, ordered the Camp Liberty residents that they must stay in there to the last man.Why?

There are many reasons why Masoud Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi don’t want to protect the lives of their members from the threats of ISIS. Even the Republican Senator John McCain who is a known lobby of the PMOI also mentioned in his Oct 22, 2014 message to the Secretary John Kerry: “As you are aware, due to the increasingly dangerous threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the resettlement process has stalled, and many fear that the people at Camp Liberty could be at grave risk if the security situation in Iraq, and especially in Baghdad, continues to deteriorate.”. But PMOI not only keeps the residents in total black out concerning the news of the threatening situation of Iraq and Camp Liberty, but also deceitfully talks about the ISIS as the revolutionary tribes of Iraq which are fighting to overthrow the Iraqi Government, and at the rule of the ISIS, PMOI can be armed again.

Therefore, with regards to the grave security situation in Iraq and especially threats to the lives of the Camp Liberty residents, Kannon Iran Galam appeal to all the international bodies and the Human Rights Organizations to take steps to save the lives of residents of this camp.

Iranian Pen club also warns against the threats of Masoud Rajavi to kill the dissident members and would hold PMOI responsible for any terrorist threats against its dissident ex-members around the world and in Iraq.

We urge the International bodies to put pressure on the PMOI leadership to stop obstructing and impeding the process of displacement of the residents of Camp Liberty to a third country and cooperate with the UN organizations and UNHCR.

With all due respect

Iranian Pen club

Copies to:

General Secretary of the United Nations

Prime Minister of Iraq

EU Heads of States

US Ambassador to Iraq

US Ambassador to Germany

Representative of UNHCR in Baghdad

Members of European Parliament

Iranian Pen Club (Iran Ghalam)

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