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Rajavi hindered the process of TTL residents’ transfer again!

According to Iran Interlink’s sources in Iraq, 120 residents of Camp Liberty were due to be transferred to Tirana, Albania last week. This was cancelled because the MEK leader changed his mind again. The residence in Tirana has been ready for months.

At first Rajavi wouldn’t allow access to anyone in Liberty. Then he granted access only if he chose the 120 transferees himself. The UNHCR accepted this on the understanding that 120 transfers are better than none. The interviews went ahead only for Rajavi to halt the process again because he wants more concessions.

From the time this plan was achieved by UNAMI, Rajavi has demanded various things: heavy machinery, more land, unrestricted access to the border (with Jordan), etc. Through the Zionist backed Western media and MEK outlets, Rajavi has hidden these demands behind allegations that “Iraqi officials” are denying medical help, restricting fuel and have confiscated lift trucks.

This is not a new ploy and both UNAMI and the Iraqi authorities have consistently and publicly rejected these allegations.

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