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Iran Interlink Weekly Digest – 247

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++ Maryam Rajavi has spoken! Based on what John Bolton said at the Villepinte rally in Paris ­last year – that the overthrow of the Iranian government will not take 40 years – Rajavi told her people to “wait, don’t leave, Bolton knows something!” This has caused something of a dilemma for Rajavi since the 40th anniversary is fast approaching and there is not a sign of Iran falling. Apparently, John Bolton was wrong.

++ MEK operatives have started following ex members in Tirana, harassing them, throwing things at them in the street, swearing at them. The message they give is ‘if anyone leaves, this is what we will do to you’. MEK is putting maximum pressure on formers and is trying to prevent the families helping them. MEK is contacting officials to persuade and bribe them to ensure no visas are given to families to visit Albania to help ex members or members. MEK uses the old propaganda line that ‘families want to kill us’.

++ Over the last few days, many members have left and have begun talking. This is a new development since people didn’t usually talk before. MEK is facing a serious crisis. In the last two weeks, Ali Hajeri, Mousa Damroudi, Mohammad Azim Mishmast, Gholamali Mirzaei, Hassan Shahbazi and several others who have recently left MEK have been writing – about themselves and their experiences, about conditions in the camp and about why they had to run away.

In English:

++ Robert Fantina, Counter Punch – ‘Trump, Saudi Arabia and the Khashoggi Murder’: “U.S. spokespeople have praised the Mujahedin-E Khalq organization (MEK), which is responsible for thousands of deaths in Iran since 1979, and is now active outside that country, attempting to foment the overthrow of the government. The U.S. would be only too happy to see them succeed, and turn Iran into the chaos and disaster that Iraq and Yemen are today.”

++ Giovanni Glacalone, Cliocchidella Guerra, Rome, Italy – ‘The fortified headquarters of Iranian Mojahedin Khalq in Albania’ (Google translation): “In conclusion: What is the Mek then? A group of dissidents and persecuted by the Iranian regime? A sectarian force of opposition composed of militarily trained elements ready to overthrow the regime? A terrorist organization? (According to what was stated by Tehran). Where do the Mek funding come from?

“In geopolitics it is known that an organization can be considered “terrorist” or “resistance movement” based on the interests of those who support it and have seen it with many other organizations, from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hizbullah, from the PLO to the “resistance” “Syrian. What is certain is that it is difficult to combat terrorism when we cannot even find a universally shared definition of the term.

“Meanwhile, however, the presence in Albania of the Mek does nothing but further aggravate the delicate situation in the Balkans where jihadist and Islamist groups are already present. The Balkan area seems more and more a logistics and transit area in support of the war policies in the Middle East and all this at the expense of regional stability, Italy included.”

++ Daniel Larison, The American Conservative – ‘The Fanaticism of the MEK’s Cheerleaders’: “No matter what one thinks our Iran policy should be, the MEK is not a credible alternative to the current government. Seeking regime change in Iran is folly, but to promote an obnoxious cult as the answer to Iran’s problems is simply insanity. In addition to being a nasty cult, the group is responsible for killing Americans in the 1970s and aligned itself with Saddam Hussein in the Iran-Iraq war. Iranians understandably view them as traitors. Anyone who is cheerleading for the MEK is advertising both his ignorance of Iran and his hostility to the Iranian people.”

++ Iran Press – ‘Zarif: Mossad wants to chill expanding Iran-Europe relations’: “Bahram Ghasemi also commented on Iran-EU relations on Wednesday October 31, when he said: ‘Whenever relations between Iran and the European Union begin to expand, invisible hands taking their cue from certain countries go to work, trying to harm these relations. Thus, the Danish government’s accusations against Iran, and recalling of Denmark’s ambassador from Tehran can all be looked upon from this angle’.”

++ Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian – ‘Concern over UK-based Iranian TV channel’s links to Saudi Arabia’: “Earlier this summer, the station was criticised for airing extensive live coverage of a rally by the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), a cult-like organisation that espouses regime change and has links to Saudi Arabia. Senior Trump administration officials, including John Bolton, are advocates of the group, which was listed as a terrorist group in the US until 2012.

“The insider claimed the editorial content of the station had been influenced by its secret investors who were hidden behind an offshore Cayman Islands company. The MEK coverage, the insider said, was one such example.”

++ Will Conroy, Intellinews – ‘Bully boy Trump mocks Iranians with ‘GoT’ economic winter meme’: “Game of Thrones producer HBO responded to Trump’s use of its imagery by saying it ‘would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes’.

“Some things require little analysis. Let’s just ask what kind of a jerk would take pleasure in mimicking a Game of Thrones advertising campaign — ‘Sanctions Are Coming, November 5’— in a way that will have the effect of menacing ordinary Iranians with the prospect of more economic misery.

“And let’s be done with it, for the plain fact is that on November 2, without giving any guarantees for supplies of basic foods and medicine, Donald J. Trump announced that in three days’ time all US sanctions removed under the 2015 nuclear deal would be reimposed on Iran.”

++ Faryad Azadi, Tirana, Albania – ‘Over 50 survivors of Mojahedin Khalq write to UNHCR’ (Google translate) : “In an unprecedented move, without any financial or administrative backing, the UN Commissioner in coordination with the PMOI and Maryam Rajavi has announced to the people they left this cult in Albania that they will cut off all assistance to these asylum seekers from the beginning of the New Year. And the responsibility will be with Albanian government. While these people do not have any legal qualifications and, given the situation in the Albania, there is no possibility of work or visit their family, many of these people they are old and more than 55 years old and they are not able to work and during the past years they were with this cult all of them have physical problems and they have been subjected to psychological torture also they have many mental problems and they need special attention.”

++ Anne and Massoud Khodabandeh, Iranian dot com – ‘Mossad To Use Mercenary MEK For Fatal False Flag Op In Albania’: “The logical conclusion would be the creation of a false flag operation involving an attack on MEK members in Albania (outside the European Union so that it cannot be thwarted or investigated) which leaves some dead, and which can be blamed on Iran. Rajavi would be happy to fulfil this order since this would fill the bank of the “blood of martyrs” as she calls the MEK’s sacrifices. It would also motivate the disaffected members who are regularly leaving the cult – last week alone 6 people managed to escape. With this in mind, Maryam Rajavi’s meetings with Israeli agents in the International Hotel in Tirana would indicate that a fatal event is imminent.”

 November 02, 2018

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