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MKO recruitment drive for a fresh programme of violence

The Mojahedin Khalq is to hold a meeting on the afternoon of Saturday 12 April in Paris. The event is being held under the banner of a concocted organisation called ‘Iranian Youth of Europe and America’, which has not been heard of before and will, no doubt, never be heard of again. MEK operatives have been active in recruiting attendees. The MEK is facing a critical situation; the forces (hostages) inside Camp Liberty are becoming harder to control, and the camp itself is under pressure from the international community to close. The MEK is at a dead end and its supporters in western countries are becoming more vocal and more critical of what the MEK strategy is and why no progress is being made. In typical MEK style this event in Paris will masquerade as activity and progress, thereby keeping these supporters charged and happy – basically ‘on message’. Some weeks ago the MEK held a similar event gathering 300 ‘supporter associations’ in Paris to listen to a panel of non-Iranian paid speakers.

There is no purpose to this meeting except to buy time through false activity. Similarly the MEK held pickets and a hunger strike last Autumn, which pushed the hostages in Camp Liberty to the limit of hunger. Similarly the MEK ordered self-immolations in Paris in 2003 when Maryam Rajavi was arrested by French anti-terrorism police.

Experts have identified this meeting as a recruitment drive to attract new people and re-charge existing supporters for a fresh programme of violence in Europe and elsewhere. Massoud Rajavi has been tasked by his backers to use the MEK in whatever way possible to prevent or hinder rapprochement between Iran and the West. While it is under the protection of the West, the MEK will not recruit for this purpose under its own name because it does not want to be held responsible for any ensuing violence. However, anyone recruited on Saturday under the banner of ‘Iranian Youth of Europe and America’ will go on to be charged-up (ie brainwashed) to commit acts of violence or hunger strikes, etc. Interestingly, none of the higher ranks will ever be involved in suffering of any description, not hunger strikes, self-immolation or imprisonment. For this reason a warning must be given to Iranians and the international community that the MEK is preparing the ground for violence and disruption.

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